New Goal, New Motivation


Yeah… I have a new motivation now, powered by my new goal. That is to earn USD10,000 per month by 31th Dec 2009. I bet even a moron is able to see from the picture above! Haaa.

My previous goal was to be able to quit my job by 30th Apr 2009. I achieved that. However, I feel that my income became stagnant upon reaching that goal. I really need something to push me forward and scale greater heights.

Frankly speaking, setting a goal of 10k/month is really pushing me completely out of my comfort zone.  I know several of my internet marketing friends are already earning much more than that. To me, a 10k income seems so far-stretched, it’s like an impossible goal.

However, setting “impossible” goal not only motivates me now, it will also force me to think at a different level to achieve it. I am getting excited. As you can see, I have even pasted my income goal just right in infront of my laptop, so that it’s often visible within my sight and continuously remind myself.

Since young, I realized that I always got the things I want much later than my peers. HOWEVER, I will still got it in the end. It is just a matter of time.

So, with a new goal and new motivation. I am ready to go all out and get it.

Approach Me and I Will Teach


It has been around 2 months since I quit my job. Some of the people around me should know that I am running my own business online. The funny thing is, nobody ever ask me how I run my internet biz, i.e. how do I set up my website, how do I market my site online, how do I get the traffic, how do I start my own online biz etc

Yes, some people did asked casually… but that’s all about it. Most never probe further on the “HOW” part. Most just wanted to know “WHAT” part. Seriously, if the role is reversed and my friend is the one who is running an online business, I will definitely bug him and ask him to teach me how to start my online business.

Even if it’s a brick-and-mortar business, I will still bug my friend. Lol. I mean, how many of your friends around you are running their own business? It’s a rare chance. I guess the reason is that most people aren’t interested to start their own business. They would rather work for somebody, take a salaried paycheck and minimized risk.

Previously, I never thought that I would have an online business, because I really SUCK at coding, html, web design etc. I always thought I need to be technically good to have any chance of succeeding. But I just wanted to know more. I always have this DESIRE to start a business, regardless of what opportunity it is.

There are 101 ways to make money online…

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Another Niche Site Is Up!

I have finished setting up a new niche site. Not exactly “new”, as I have registered the domain and done the site graphics quite some time ago. Somehow, I just left it idle.

Previously, I was busy doing some PPC campaigns. Wanted to test the profitablity of the niches before I dive into it. i don’t want to spend my whole lot of time building a site then realized that the niche or product doesn’t convert. I would have wasted all my precious time.

And yeah, I wasted USD$300+ on PPC. Gathered around 350+ clicks but NOT a single sale. Damn it. Either I ran my keywords wrongly or the product doesn’t convert. BUT, it’s ranked top 10 in ClickBank. It’s just like Fat Loss 4 Idiots, the gravity is damn high but it just doesn’t convert for me. In fact, quite a number of marketers also commented in the Warriors Forum that it doesn’t convert for them. Either we used the wrong approach or the product sucks.

Anyway, right now I will stick to my tried and tested products/merchant. Ordered 40 articles. 20 articles on blog and 20 on articles directories. I will update on the status of this new niche site again. 🙂

Books I Will Be Reading


Been to the library and borrowed some books. Yeah, they’re all internet marketing based. LOL.

Well, I prefer reading PHYSICAL books to ebooks. It’s quite tiring for my eyes if I stared at my screen for too long. Though I may know some of the topics, but I believe I can always learn something new. It may be the author’s point of view or his style of writing that leads me to new ideas, even though the content may be similar. Keep the fundamentals strong.

All the books are pretty thick. I need to speed read and read what I want to know. 🙂