How to Build An Authority Site – Traffic Included

A blog reader by the name of Kris asked me some questions pertaining on how I build my authority site. I just feel it’s good to share it with you. Here’s the questions he asked:

You said some of your sites are becoming authority sites and you are getting some good organic traffic – if you don’t mind sharing, how are you doing this?

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for several years, and make decent part-time money, but my sites that 3-4 years ago used to dominate the search engine rankings are now nowhere near the top.

The reply I gave:

As I mentioned in my post, my biggest site has more than 100 posts. That’s already more than 100 pages of solid content.

The things I did are simple, nothing fanciful.

  1. Just submitting articles to the regular directories (with desired anchor text)
  2. Updating my blog aggressively when just starting out
  3. Look for other authority sites that allowed users to post articles/content
  4. Engage in forums (when I first started out)
  5. Social bookmarking (to get back links)

Once you do all these CONSTANTLY with QUALITY content, search engines will start ranking you and you will get organic traffic. I use wordpress blogs as my site platform, because it’s very search engine friendly.

And a thing to add, I don’t spin articles like what other marketers did. I hired writers to write unique articles for me. I feel that is important. Quality content provides value to people and SE likes it.

You said some of your sites dominate the SE many years back. Did you constantly update your site?

I believed if you wanna stay on top, you have to “maintain’ your site. Either get backlinks steadily over time or update your site, or else other competitor can come in and kill the competition. 🙂

The important stuffs are the highlighted words above. And the key to success is the word: CONSISTENT. Building an authority requires time and hard work. You don’t slap a site up with just 5 pages of content and expect it to rank no. 1 for competitive keywords. Whatever you do, do it better than your competitor.

Diversify, Provide Value and Follow the Big G’s Rules

Our good old friend, Google, is doing a massive clean-up. First, they banned affiliates’ Adwords account for infringing Google’s reputation by promoting scam products. Now, they slap those ads which are based on product reviews site, which contain affiliate links.

Of course, many affiliates will cry foul who are earning huge incomes from affiliate commissions. And mind you, these are same affiliates who are spending BIG money on PPC to feed Google’s revenue. So why is Google biting its own hand? Well, it’s dead simple. Just 2 words – User Experience

Actually, if you look at the big picture. It’s a good thing that Google did a clean-up.

Time to kick the ass off those bogus product reviews. Let’s face it. Those product reviews are not really “reviews”. Just some marketers trying to promote the highest commissions product. No real content. Just superficial “reviews’ plastered with affiliate links. Of course, I am a savvy Internet user and marketer. I will not fall for such tricks. BUT normal folks will fall into it, thinking it’s a genuine review.

What happens if the products that those folks purchased are scammy or bogus? NOT a good user experience for the consumers. They search through Google and they bought bogus products or scammy opportunities.

So, in my opinion, what Google did is right. I also do my research through Google, buy products online and search through Google again for legitimate product reviews. I want the information I gathered to be be relevant and true as well. Remember, we are USERS ourselves.

Having said that, I also pity those affiliates who just rely only on PPC  to make a living. Maybe from 5 figures to barely next to nothing. So, the important thing to learn from such incident is to diversify your income sources.

Don’t just rely on PPC to get traffic. Don’t just rely on 1-2 campaigns to make all your money. Don’t just rely on Google.

I know it’s hard not to rely on Google, as they are the Kingpins right now. But what you need to do is to diversify as much as you can.

Don’t “make money online”, instead build a business that can lasts. Such as building an authority site that provides good quality content, thus providing values for readers or consumers. It is all about providing value to people. And yes, please adhere to Google’s rules and regulation. No black hat and provide value-adding websites.  🙂

Lunch With Mum and Dad

My mum took leave today just because it’s my birthday.  Normally her “off” days are on Thursday. She wants to treat me to  a birthday meal.

Yeah… and so we went to West Mall’s chinese restaurant called “Tian Le Li”. Had some tim sum and two other dishes. It’s our FIRST time dining there! Can you imagine that – we are just 10 min away from West Mall? LOL.

The food are just so-so. Nothing fantastic, but they are not that bad anyway. But they are CHEAP. One tim sum basket just costs about $2.00-$2.20. It’s even cheaper than some kopitiams.

Anyway, my mum are supposed to “treat” me. But once the bill came, I just gave the waitress my card. Haha. It has been a long time since I gave my parents a treat. I know they are happy. Well, actually I seldom “communicate” with my parents. So just let my actions do the talking.

A simple lunch… but heart-warming.

Building a Chicken Coop, Anyone?

Take a look at the strange niche below and the searches done per month on Google (exact search)


Yes, the niche is chicken coops. There are 1600 searches per month done on the exact phrase “building a chicken coop”. and tens of thousands of other searches related to chicken coops.

What amazes me is the ClickBank product below:


The gravity of the product is reasonably high at 100+. This means that there are affiliates promoting the product and are getting paid. Of course, this also means that there are also people BUYING this product and it is selling pretty well. Hmmmm….

Seriously, I don’t know whether the product is really converting unless I do a quick per-pay-click advertising to test it out myself. As far as  I know, the gravity of a product can be manipulated. Also, there are also many other “chicken coops” copy-cat products springing up in Clickbank as well now. Anyway, I am not interested in this niche. Just find it interesting to share a “strange” niche with you. If you are interested to see the product, here’s the link to it. (yes, an affiliate link.) 🙂

26th Birthday


Another year passed. I am one year older again. 26th birthday Simple as that.

Time really flies. It has been 10 years since I graduated from high school and 1 year since from University.

Actually, I am a person who don’t really emphasis on celebrating birthdays. So, a very big thanks to all my close friends who send me their well-wishes (SMS, Facebook etc). You know who you are. 🙂

And thanks to my Dear who BAKED a cake for me! It’s her first try baking such cake. It’s a mango cake with strawberries on the top. The picture above doesn’t tell the truth. The cake may look ugly on the surface, but it’s very NICE! Its taste is just as good as those bought in the bakery stores, maybe the texture is just a bit harder. Other than that, I will give a score of 8 out of 10.

Well, my birthday wishes?

  • I wish I am healthy
  • I wish my parents are healthy
  • I wish my girlfriend is happy
  • I wish I can make my Mum quit her job and retire by end of the year.
  • I wish I can make my girlfriend a tai tai by end of the year.

Niche Site Update

I said previously that I would update on my new niche site progress. So, after more than 2 weeks later, I got the traffic and I have got some sales now 🙂

How do I get the traffic? Nothing fanciful or “sexy”. Just did the tried and tested method.

  • Articles submission
  • Blog posting (UNIQUE content)
  • Social bookmarking
  • Blog Carnival Submission

By doing the above methods, I get ranked in Google because of the link-building process. And right now, most of my traffic come from search engines. However, I am wary of the Google Sandbox. That is getting indexed by Google very quickly and getting good traffic from it for a few weeks before a massive drop in rankings. You will have to wait for about a few months before getting the rankings back. Normally, a brand new website suffer this wrath and I have experienced it before!

I am also in the process of creating my own product. That’s another project. All these while, I have been focusing on affiliate marketing and promoting other people’s product. It’s time to create my OWN product and turn to a new source of income.

I will launch it this month. 🙂