Super Tired and Stressed

I am super tired and stressed recently since my cafe is opening soon.

Lack of sleep. Been running here and there to get stuffs and getting things done. And things are especially difficult because my partners and I have no experience in setting up a brick and mortar business and in F&B industry.

A lot of Singaporeans and Malaysians who are in Phnom Penh say we are very “adventurous” and have the “guts”.

Seriously, come to think of it, I think we are. We only visited Cambodia a few times and without in-depth market research, we started a business there.

Forget everything you know about doing business in Singapore, it’s totally different in Cambodia.

I lost my temper many times here.  I seldom lose my temper in Singapore. LOL.

I don’t know whether this cafe and succeed or not. Nevertheless, it’s a good experience and I have fun doing the business set-up process.