The Best $2000 I Ever Spent

I attended an investing workshop recently on 2nd/3rd April. It’s a 2-day “Secrets to Making Money in Stocks” by Dennis Ng, from I know the title of the seminar sounds cheesy, but I can tell you, there are really secrets. I will explain later.

Some of you might be asking – Dennis who?

You might have came across him in TV interviews, newspapers etc. That’s how I got to “know” him. If you want to know more about him, you can click here.

By chance, I went to attend Dennis’s preview seminar last month (through BigFatPurse). Don’t ask me why I chose to attend this specific seminar when there are dozens of preview seminars advertised on newspapers daily on making money in Stocks, Forex, Trading etc. I guess it’s because I have seen him on tv previously, so subconsciously I am “aware” of him.

Actually, I just want to take a look, with no intention of signing up any paid course. I have attended quite a few internet marketing preview seminars and I am usually quite skeptical about these kind of seminars.

Well, after attended the preview. You know what. I signed up for the workshop and paid S$1996 on the spot. It includes 3 workshops – stock, property and wealth management.

I signed up for the course, NOT because I got sold. It’s because I want to BUY. During the preview, I realized Dennis is not creating “hype” and he looks very honest and sincere. That’s my first impression of him. He doesn’t look the kind of person with the motive of ripping you off. So, call it my gut-feel for him.  Well, there are internet marketing workshops that are like that, sad to say.

Anyway, I always want to learn more about investing. After doing internet marketing for about 4 years, I feel it’s time to pick up another new crucial skill – that is learning how to invest. That is how the rich get richer. I am not saying I am rich. But I strongly believe you need your money to work for you.

I have read some books on investing previously. But seriously, I don’t know how to apply. Also, there are tons of information online on investing. I don’t know who is right or who is bull shitting. So, I rather spend a few k to learn from an experienced investor and speed up my learning process.

After attended the workshop, I can say my money is very well spent Worth every penny of it. I really learned something. Well, you can say it’s fairly easy for me to “learn” something, because I am a newbie (call me a noob if you prefer) in investing.

Basically, Dennis teaches value investing, that is buying stocks that are undervalued through fundamentals analysis. But he also touches on technical analysis in areas which he thinks is important.

There are really “secrets” in the workshop. Like which are the certain specific indicators to look at, for specific industries. He also talk about the “invisible hand”. He describes that as – if right eye is fundamental analysis and technical analysis is left eye, then “invisible hand” is the third eye. Of course and a lot more.

In a way, those are secrets to me because I am not aware of them. But if you think those information are not valuable to you because you are a seasoned investor or purely because you have some financial/business knowledge background, then you are dead wrong.

Of course, if you are a millionaire investor now, then I have nothing to say. BUT if you have not make your million through investing yet you think you know a lot about investing, then something is wrong. What is it that Dennis knows but you don’t? Think about it.

I can say I picked up solid investing knowledge from Dennis. I know how to analyze a company and its stocks now. I felt more confident with my new-found knowledge. In fact, I have already started investing.

As cliche as it may sounds, but it’s really just the start of my investing journey. I still have a lot more to learn. But I am an action taker. I have been reading a lot and absorbing as much as I can.

This post is getting lengthy… to end it, I can say it’s the best $2000 I have spent so far in my life, because I strongly believe I will earn back x10 or even x100 more in the near future. My NTU degree can never do that! 😛

By the way, if you are interested to attend Dennis’s Path to Financial Freedom Workshop, click here for more information. It’s free.