SEO Workshop at SMU

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Gave a 2-hour talk on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Jaz Lai’s students at SMU on 6th Feb. There were about 60 people and it was the first time that I public speak to such a big crowd. I was so nervous and was trembling before the talk began! You can ask Jaz! Haha. After started speaking, the nervousness disappeared and I began to deliver my presentation confidently.

I shared a lot of tips and resources on SEO during the presentation and I was glad that the crowd enjoyed my presentation and received a lot of positive feedbacks.

Here are some feedbacks I received:

“Thank you for taking time to share with us on how SEO works last evening. I have definitely learnt a great deal from your session.”

“Thank you for your interesting lecture on seo. It was indeed insightful.”

“Alex, you did you great job!”

My best compliment? It’s this:

“I learned so much more in your 2-hr talk compared to the marketer xyz’s paid workshop”

It was a good public speaking experience for me and I am happy that my information I shared is of value to them!