A New Beginning

28th April 2009 was a very important day for me.

It marked the day where I had finally quitted my job and going into full-time as an internet marketer. Yes, I have always wanted to be my own boss and I have waited for this day to arrive. No more waking up at 7.30am in the morning and report to work! For those who know me well, I am a person who need a lot of sleep. lol.

Well, I have never felt so good today. Waking up at 10.30am, meeting desmond for lunch at Raffles City and going for a relaxed swim at SMU. After the swim, taking a bus with no hurry and no crowd back home. Upon reaching home, took a short nap and dinner after that. And I went for a jog at 9.15pm. All these activities done at my own pace. I really love the freedom of “working from home”.

As you can see, this blog is still very new (though I have registered the domain back in 2006). The header graphic is not yet done. I am still waiting for my graphic designer to submit the work to me. I will add more stuffs and content and I go along updating it.

Basically, this will be my business cum personal blog. I hope I can interact with more marketers online. Ivan, Jaz, Calvin, Edmund are the only few I know personally and met them in person before. I guess I have been really “underground” for too long as a niche marketer! Haha.

By the way, this site is NOT a make-money-online blog. I really cringe when I saw newbies who are just starting out in internet marketing start a make-money-online-share-my-journey-with-you blog.

I have already MADE my income online and this blog is meant to share the information I know in niche marketing and networking with fellow marketers and bloggers.

My advice? Go niche. ๐Ÿ™‚

Time to start my “work”. Love the freedom!

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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Yeah Steph, you are the 1st to leave a comment on my brand new blog!

    Haa. Waiting for you to ask me out for kopi again!

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