alex yeo singapore

Alex Yeo | Singapore

Full-time Internet marketer since May 2009.

Affiliate Marketing, Niche Marketing, Local Lead Generation, SEO.

Internet marketing (IM) is simple but not easy.

Knew about IM way back in Aug 2006.

Took action and built my first site in Jan 2007.

Tried eBay, Internet MLM before.

Makes little to no money between Aug 2006 to Feb 2008.

Not giving up and persevere.

Venture into Niche Marketing in Jan 2008.

Finally makes money online.

Graduated in Jun 2008 with a degree in Engineering (Materials) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Worked as a Sales Engineer for 10 months.

Quit my job in May 2009.

Enjoys time-freedom, hates being in a rat race.

I like what I am doing now.

Engineer by profession, Internet marketer by passion.