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It has been around 2 months since I quit my job. Some of the people around me should know that I am running my own business online. The funny thing is, nobody ever ask me how I run my internet biz, i.e. how do I set up my website, how do I market my site online, how do I get the traffic, how do I start my own online biz etc

Yes, some people did asked casually… but that’s all about it. Most never probe further on the “HOW” part. Most just wanted to know “WHAT” part. Seriously, if the role is reversed and my friend is the one who is running an online business, I will definitely bug him and ask him to teach me how to start my online business.

Even if it’s a brick-and-mortar business, I will still bug my friend. Lol. I mean, how many of your friends around you are running their own business? It’s a rare chance. I guess the reason is that most people aren’t interested to start their own business. They would rather work for somebody, take a salaried paycheck and minimized risk.

Previously, I never thought that I would have an online business, because I really SUCK at coding, html, web design etc. I always thought I need to be technically good to have any chance of succeeding. But I just wanted to know more. I always have this DESIRE to start a business, regardless of what opportunity it is.

There are 101 ways to make money online…

Even your passion can turn into an business. You may say you are not interested in doing “online stuffs”, but the internet is just a platform. ONline and OFFline… that’s the only difference.

You might be interested in “hip-hop dance”, I have many ways in which you can turn this hobby into an income stream for you. Or you think you are more interested in “F&B”. You can start a review site… is a good example. How about baking? If you love baking, but don’t have the capital to set up your own bakery shop, you can always start a site like Happy Home Baking and earn some Adsense/advertising revenue.

I strongly think that it all boils down to your desire. If you are interested to start an online business, I am always willing to help (my circle of friends only). Just treat me kopi and I am good to go. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Sahri
    Sahri says:

    Hi Alex,

    Came across your article by chance. i know I am not in your circle of friends but can you teach me how to build my own online busines?

    i have been searching and searching for so long and I never really have any money to pay for courses but as you mention I can probably buy you kopi plus chicken rice is that ok? Jokin.

    Do you run courses or maybe can share a bit on how a 37 yr old father of 3 like me with difficulty identifying my passion can move on to know how to build my own online business?

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