Are You Trading Or Playing Casino?

Don’t have to trade everyday.
If there’s nothing to trade (opportunity), then don’t force to trade.

Buying IPO and intending to sell on the first day of trading is like playing BIG-SMALL in casino.
It’s not trading and it’s pure speculating
Always punting on penny counters is speculating too.

Calculate your risk per trade.
Don’t whack so many positions at the same time especially if it’s correlated. One down all down.

Don’t get too excited if you take profit and don’t get too upset if you cut loss.
You need to handle your emotions.

Don’t be always too eager to take little profit. Your 3 wins will not be able to cover 1 loss.

Trading is supposed to be as boring as possible –  if you have a system in place.
If you are looking for excitement,  please go to casino.

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