Article Marketing with a Twist – How to Get More Traffic By Using Your Used & Submitted Articles

I drive traffic mainly via article marketing. There are a lot of articles directories around and the major ones that you can submit to are EzineArticles, Articles Base, Go Articles etc. I won’t elaborate more on that.

BUT do you know that even with your used and submitted articles, you can bring them back to life again and generate new traffic to your site again?

What you need to do is to compile your articles into a PDF report (normally 3-4 pages) and submit them to Scribd and Docstoc. For those who don’t know what these 2 sites are – they are the “Facebook” for books and documents. People can upload their documents, books, articles, thesis, research or even poems and share them with you.

Basically, this is what  I do:

1. I get my used articles and compiled them into PDF. For those who are using Microsoft Office 2007, you can go here and download the Add-In and convert your .doc to .pdf. Alternatively, you can use CutePDF and convert.

2. Below the article, I will add my author resource bio with a call to action asking them to click on the links. Yes, they can click on the PDF itself and visit your site.

3. Here comes the interesting part. Right after that, I will add in a “Recommendation”. This is where I promote my affiliate product. For example, if you wrote an article about treating your acne, after the author bio, you can add:


Discover how you can treat your acne and become acne free in less than 2 weeks by using an all natural method. Click on the link here (affiliate link) and blah blah blah.

I hope you get the idea.

By using this method of reusing my articles, I get new visitors (more traffic) and I do get some affiliate sales as well (Hooray!). But don’t expect to get tons of traffic by using such method. However it all add up, isn’t it?

If you are submitting new articles the next time round, beside submitting to the usual directories, spend 10-15 min and convert them to PDF and submit to Scribd and Docstoc too. Your documents will get indexed by the search engines as well – lead to more views – more people click on your links – more traffic or sales!

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