Back Again

I am back in Singapore for now.

The cafe start-up is not progressing smoothly as we wanted.  Well, I expected that to happen anyway. It’s not so easy to start up a brick and mortar business. I don’t want to talk so much about it… wait till it’s finally done then I will shout it out again. LOL.

For now, let me de-bunk the myth of autopilot income from internet marketing. Yes, it is indeed POSSIBLE. I didn’t do anything on my websites for nearly the whole month of November and my income is still pretty consistent.

I didn’t touch my sites because I was mostly away in Cambodia. Internet access is limited and I can’t do any work. Even when I was back, either I am too tired to touch my internet marketing stuffs or I am busy with my new business start-up.

That’s the power of an Internet business. You do the hard work once, and you get to enjoy the fruits of labour.

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  1. Ivan
    Ivan says:

    Yo Alex,

    i agree with you that SEO income can really indeed be long time passive income… Good job bro…

    Awaiting your cafe opening.. haha

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    @ivan: Yeah… thanks man. Once the cafe is up and running, I will tell you. lol. You are getting to the top as well. You know PPC and SEO inside out!

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