Back from Phnom Penh

I am back from…Phnom Penh.

It’s a business trip. Well, I can consider it as a leisure trip to a certain extent because it’s my first trip to Cambodia and I got to see a lot of stuffs.

My life gonna be a lot more exciting for the next 2 months as I will be running a cafe there with another 2 partners of mine. I am keeping my fingers crossed. It’s just the beginning and there are a lot of things to be done and get the cafe up and and running.

For the past week, I am only connected to the Internet for a few times and all I can do is to check emails. However, I am glad my income is still pretty consistent. Seriously, I did NO work at all on my sites. Right now they are all running on “auto-pilot”.

I believed for the next few weeks I will be even busier and will have less time for my online business. I will see how it goes. I really want to manage both my online and offline business well though.

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  1. shasha
    shasha says:

    hi, nice trip,,
    I’m going to visit Cambodia, but as I googling around and came across, it stated the visa is only for single entry, does anyone know is there any way to get multiple entry visa? Currently I’m in Malaysia. need travel more than 1months.any help?

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