Building a Chicken Coop, Anyone?

Take a look at the strange niche below and the searches done per month on Google (exact search)


Yes, the niche is chicken coops. There are 1600 searches per month done on the exact phrase “building a chicken coop”. and tens of thousands of other searches related to chicken coops.

What amazes me is the ClickBank product below:


The gravity of the product is reasonably high at 100+. This means that there are affiliates promoting the product and are getting paid. Of course, this also means that there are also people BUYING this product and it is selling pretty well. Hmmmm….

Seriously, I don’t know whether the product is really converting unless I do a quick per-pay-click advertising to test it out myself. As far as  I know, the gravity of a product can be manipulated. Also, there are also many other “chicken coops” copy-cat products springing up in Clickbank as well now. Anyway, I am not interested in this niche. Just find it interesting to share a “strange” niche with you. If you are interested to see the product, here’s the link to it. (yes, an affiliate link.) 🙂

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