Burger King Espresso Sundae Sucks Big Time

The title says it all.

I was reading about BK ION Orchard new outlet in 8-Days magazine, so chic and cool with the industrial black decoration.  They also recommend the new garden salad and espresso sundae, which look really appetizing.

So, since my girlfriend and I are coffee lovers, we hop in and order our espresso with much anticipation (Cos’ we eat Mac’s hot fudge and strawberry sundae until sian!)

Here come our sundae then. WTF


I swear this picture was taken less than 2 min after our sundae was served. First of all, the colour is really OFF from the one in the magazine. Secondly, the whole damn thing is so watery. It’s just like a 3-in-1 coffee poured into the sundae only, and they call it a ESPRESSO sundae now. Thirdly, they gave very little of the ice-cream, only 3/4 compared to MacDonald’s BUT cost a freaking $2.50 when a much nicer Mac Hot Fudge cost only $1.50.

I even asked the service crew whether the sundae was so watery by default. And she said YES! As you can see from the picture above, after barely 2 min, the whole vanilla ice cream just “crumbled” into the “3-in1 coffee”

So, after just a few spoonfuls of the ice cream with my girlfriend, I feel so disappointed with it that I THROW it away.

I rarely complain about food and much less blogged about it! So, if I say it really SUCKS, you better heed my advice and don’t order it when you head to BK. LOL.

I will NEVER touch a BK sundae again! My first experience with it and also the final one. This also shows how important our first impression are to people. 🙂

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  1. greg
    greg says:

    I don’t want to think about all the factory-farmed cows and chemical fertilizers that went into producing that.

  2. suhaimi ahmad
    suhaimi ahmad says:


    regarding your August 9th, 2009 entry,( BK espresso sundae sucks) may i know who served you that day?

  3. grace
    grace says:

    hmm Just had BK espresso sundae now.. and I thought it was really good!! 🙂 in fact, will go back again later with friends ^^.. just sayin’… peace!

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