Ezinearticles.com Is Hit By the Latest Google Algorithm Update

It’s official: Ezinearticles has announced that they are affected by the latest Google update.  You can check it out here.

They are suggesting to implement “nofollow” links and articles need to be exclusive to EZA as well. I think that’s a definite over-reaction. First of all, EZA does’t provide revenue-sharing like InfoBarrel for example. Secondly, now they would like their authors to submit exclusive content BUT with nofollow author resource backlinks.

Hey EZA, are you kidding you? Do you really think your site can bring me so much traffic? The number 1 reason why I still submit to EZA is because of SEO purpose. EZA itself doesn’t bring me a lot of traffic.

Now if you want exclusive content yet you implement nofollow links and no revenue sharing, what’s the incentive for me to submit articles to you? To feed you fat with your AdSense income? I might as well submit my articles to Buzzle.

My suggestion? It’s time to weed out spammy topics like acai berry, male enhancements, get your ex back etc. These are the low quality “content farm” articles that make your site looks bad. Just check out how many “get your ex back” articles are spitted out everyday? They are essentially rehashed articles. And most of these articles are less than 350 words.

Also, your editors are the ones who approved articles that is filled with unforgivable spelling and grammar mistake. Check out this article as commented by Dan in the blog post: http://ezinearticles.com/?Breat-Implants-Are-Not-The-Only-Option!-Think-Before-You-Go-Under-The-Knife!&id=5978405

Well, minor grammatical errors are fine to me when the whole sentence structure still make sense (because I am also not that good in written english). But what is a “BREAT” implants? It should be “BREAST”. This is too major an error to overlook.

I know EZA is hit hard by the latest update. I can verify that because one of my articles that is ranking #1 on google for a certain keyword is now on page 2.

Well, for now there is no perfect solution as we are all dependent on Google. So, the debate still continues…

My Writers Are My Right-Hand Men

article writing

One of the things that I can’t do well is writing. In the online world, content is king. So what if I can’t write? That’s not going to stop me. I simply outsourced my content creation to somebody who can do a better job than I – someone who loves writing and is passionate about it.

At the moment I have 2 writers and I also engage the service of a SEO company who provides articles writings. Thus, I get my needed content for my websites from three different sources. I got my writers from FreeLancer. One is from the United States and the other is a Filipino. I don’t pay them on a monthly basis but rather on per-project. So, an article project can range from 10-20 articles each time.

I must say that I am quite fortunate that my writers are pretty good. But sometimes, being pure writers, they are not really aware of the marketing aspect. So, I need to tell them how to write a more compelling title, how to write a more SEO-friendly article etc. I have heard of horror stories where some writers are pure crap, copy-and-paste and can’t even string a grammatically-correct sentence.

So, I am very careful when selecting my writers in FreeLancer.com. Normally, I will ask them to submit 2 sample articles to evaluate their writing skills and I will also test them whether they can follow simple instructions (a trick I used that will filter away 80% of the unqualified bidders :P). My logic is simple:  if they can’t even follow basic instructions now, how can you ask them to write your articles based on more complicated instructions?

My writers are my right-hand man because they are the crucial in my online business. They write for me in the background so that I can focus on building my websites and traffic generation. For those who are into internet marketing, it’s best that you leave the content creation part to the professionals while you focus on the more important aspect of marketing your website.

P.S. I wrote this post. I didn’t outsourced it. You can see my writings suck! LOL.

Pleasant Gifts from EzineArticles.com!

On a lazy Saturday morning, I was woken up by the intense knocking of my house door. I was thinking, “Who the hell is that?” Well, it was a postwoman and I had a parcel waiting for me! Upon seeing the bulky parcel, I knew it was from EzineArticles.com as I unknowingly qualified for their 100 articles in 100 days marathon challenge (#HAHD)

Why do I say I qualified “unknowingly“? Because, I didn’t really care much about the #HAHD challenge. I know there is such a thing, but I didn’t do it because of the prizes. In fact, I didn’t even I won until I received an email from them:

Congratulations on qualifying to have us ship you a
limited-edition EzineArticles #HAHD Mug!

[The grande white mug has the
EzineArticles color logo on
one side, and the #HAHD hash
tag on the other side.]

The “Hundred Articles in Hundred Days” #HAHD Challenge
was from March 20th 2009 till July 1st 2009.

Our records show you qualified!

My only motive for submitting articles is to GENERATE TRAFFIC and BACKLINKS, not for the mug (though I really appreciate the gifts!). So, in a way I am surprised that I hit the goal of 100 articles without me knowing. Oh well, I got more than a mug. I also got a pen, notepads, a packet of coffee powder, sticker and mousepad as well. Nice gifts from EzineArticles.com! Thanks!