WordPress Video Tutorials – 60 Step by Step Videos

Occasionally, there would be some people who will ask me, “Alex, how do I start internet marketing? How to set up my own website?”

Most of these newbies have zero idea on how to create their website and I always recommend using WordPress to create their website. It is simple to install (provided you are using cpanel with your webhost), easy to use and most importantly there are a lot of useful “plugins” to enhance your site. If you don’t know what I mean, it’s like having apps in your iphone to do all the things you want.

In fact, I just shown a friend of mine recently on how to use wordpress to create a website for his newly started business.

So if you are thinking of having your own website, just use wordpress. Period.

I have created and compiled 60 WordPress step-by-step video tutorials, teaching you how to use and navigate through wordpress:


When I first got started in internet marketing, I really know nothing. I started from scratch. I don’t even know how to create a website back then. I struggled to learn how to use wordpress to set up my site (I am technically challenged, LOL). If such tutorial videos existed last time, it would have saved me a lot of my time.

If you are still struggling and want to cut short your learning time, here’s the videos for you – – WordPress Video Tutorials

wordpress tutorials videos

My Preferred Affiliate Network Is Shareasale.com

Affiliate marketing is still one of the easiest way to make money online. You don’t need to have your own product, you don’t need to handle any customer support, you don’t need to ship any product (if it’s a physical product). Best of all, it’s a way to generate passive income if you manage to do it right.

5 years ago, when I first got started in internet marketing, those “gurus” were teaching how you can start doing affiliate marketing with Clickbank.com. It’s easy to sign up, easy to find products, high commission ranging from 50%-75% because they are digital products. All these are no doubt the advantages, but the problem is…. there are just way TOO MANY affiliates all rushing to promote the SAME product.

Definitely good for the product owner as there are thousands of affiliates making sales for you. But as an affiliate, it is just insane competition, be it vying for organic search traffic or pay per click marketing. You will have a hard time to make even a single sale. That’s because all the gurus teach the same things:  “If you are doing affiliate marketing, go to clickbank and search for products to promote.”

If every newbie is doing the same thing, what are your chances of making good money?

My advice?

STAY AWAY from Clickbank for now. Go and join other affiliate networks. They are well-established too, and most importantly there are much lesser competition and even more choice of products to promote – both physical and digital products.

Personally, I am using Shareasale.com and it is my preferred network. Other popular ones include: CJ, Linkshare, Amazon.  Last month, I made a 5-figure income from shareasale. You can make money from other networks, don’t just stick to clickbank. By the way, I also have income from clickbank and amazon too.

shareasale 5 figure



What I am trying to say is that, go out and explore on yourself. Don’t listen everything to what those “internet gurus” say. A lot of them are “making money by teaching people how to make money online”. You see the irony?

Where to Outsource for Cheap

If you want to get things done, but you face several issues such as:

  1. You don’t know how to do
  2. You don’t like to do
  3. You don’t want to waste time doing

Then you need to outsource. The place where you can simple things get done is: http://www.fiverr.com

Every project/task (they call it a gig) costs only US$5.00. It’s cheap.

There are so many things you can hire people to do things for you such as:

  • design logo, graphics, ebook cover
  • write press release, article
  • HTML, programming
  • video editing, professional voice-overs
  • technical support
  • boring repetitive tasks such as SEO (search engine optimization) work
  • bizarre task: ask people to sing you a song, draw a cartoon for you.
  • you name it, most likely you can find it….

Tips: There are thousands of providers out there, try to find somebody who has good ratings such as “top-rated seller” or with many positive reviews.

On the other hand, if you want to earn some part-time income or build your portfolio, you can also provide your service too if you have the expertise.

I use this service frequently, normally for tasks that I find is repetitive (SEO) or things that I can’t do such as graphic designs.

Highest Commission Made In A Single Sale

I have been doing affiliate marketing for 4 years. But this is the first time I have sold a ~ US$9.5k product online and as a result, I made a $1134.12 commission out of it. The merchant is offering a 12% commission. Check out the screenshot:

highest comission in a single sale

This is the highest commission I made in a single sale so far.

It is a physical product in the home improvement niche. This sale is not generated from my own website, it’s a squidoo site! Not a bad ROI huh?

Self-Employed or Business Owner?

Whenever people asked what I am doing for a living, I will always tell them I am a self-employed doing online marketing.

If you have read Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant on ESBI, you will know that he defines a self-employed as a person who earns an income by working for themselves – they own the jobs. In other words, if the self-employed person doesn’t work, he doesn’t get his income. He is still trading his time for money.

So, am I really “self-employed”? The answer is no.

I went to Malaysia (road trip to Penang and Ipoh) for 4 days, 27th-30th May. For the full four days, I did not bring my laptop and I virtually had no access to the internet. I only checked my emails for 10 min using the hotel’s free wi-fi for the whole trip. That’s it. Basically, I just relaxed and enjoy the whole trip through out without doing any “work”.

However during the four days, my income still roll in. I still get paid. I am glad that I don’t trade my time for money. So, I am running a business in actual fact. Even, when I am not around physically, the business still runs… the money still come in.

My websites are there 24/7. I don’t have to be around. The income is passive.

But let me make it clear. My internet business and the passive income don’t happen overnight. I have been building and working on it for the past 4.5 years.  I am just enjoying my fruits of labour now.

I enjoy doing internet marketing. I love what I am doing. I will continue what  I am doing. 🙂

List of Press Release Sites – 12 Free PR Sites You Can Submit To

You’ve a new site and you want decent backlinks instantly? Press release (PR) is the way to go. Your PR might even get to the first page of Google depending on the keyword you are targeting.  Though PR in the SERPS may lasts only one day, it can generate the fast and initial traffic for you.

Not all PR sites are free. Some are free, BUT you are not allow to include a link. If you want more features and be able to insert backlinks, you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Below is a list of FREE press release sites you can submit to and each of them can provide a backlink to your site.

  1. http://www.prlog.org
  2. http://www.pr-inside.com
  3. http://www.live-pr.com
  4. http://www.onlineprnews.com
  5. http://www.freepressreleases.co.uk
  6. http://www.freepressindex.com
  7. http://www.pressexposure.com
  8. http://www.webnewswire.com
  9. http://www.free-press-release.com
  10. http://www.prbd.net
  11. http://www.1888PressRelease.com
  12. http://www.sanepr.com

Well, actually there are still a lot more. But there are many PR sites that look unmaintained, you don’t know whether your submitted PR will be approved successfully. That’s why I just listed 12 ACTIVE sites above.

Can’t write a PR and lazy to submit manually? Then head over to WL Marketing, an SEO submission service I used personally. They can write and submit the PR for you at a very affordable price.

How I Generate $257,678 in 30 Days Using This Software

No… The title is totally bullshit. I DIDN’T make $200k in a month. But did I catch your attention?

Well, if you are subscribed to a number of  marketers’ or gurus’ email lists, you will definitely come across such headlines. All you need to do is buy the product, and you will make obscene amount of money within a very short period of time, at the click of a button and you can retire for good.

Well, I feel that all these hyped-up and misleading internet marketing products are getting out of hand. Marketers and JV partners just promote such nonsensical products to their lists hoping to make quick bucks. I simply lose respect for them.

Some marketers will argue that they did nothing wrong. They didn’t rob or steal. People are willing to buy such products, so they just fulfill the demand.  They didn’t point a gun at their prospects’ heads and force them to buy. They don’t feel it’s morally and ethically wrong to sell people such dubious products.

Do you really think so?

It’s like you are telling me you slept with your best friend’s wife and you think you have done nothing wrong. You then defend yourself saying that she’s horny and you didn’t force her to sleep with you. Hmmm, technically you are right since both are willing parties. But morally you are a fucking bastard. It’s just damn WRONG. Isn’t it?

Ok.. enough of my rant.

Anyway, here’s a good post from Finch Sells again.

Contextual Links Get the Most Clicks (Sales As Well)

If you are doing affiliate marketing, I am sure you will put banners, contextual links, popup etc on your website. But do you know exactly where are your visitors clicking? I came across a lot of niche websites where the affiliate marketers just slapped a banner on the sidebar or just putting  468×60 banners, hoping that their visitors will click on them. But let me tell you, contextual links (links within your content) get the most clicks.

track clicks

I tracked my website’s clicks – whether my visitors are clicking on the sidebar banner, top banner, bottom banner, side banner or in-content links. The result is majority of the clicks (60%) are contextual links. Can you see the picture above? 5629 clicks for contextual links compare to 1977 clicks (2nd highest) on my bottom banner.

Here’s how my typical website looks like:

website structure

Well, you may ask: “So what if the contextual links get a lot of clicks, do they convert into sales for you?”  The answer is YES.  Here’s a partial screen shot from my ClickBank account:

clickbank screenshot

As you can see from the tracking ID (TID) above, most of the sales came from “BLOGPOST”, which is my contextual links.

So, if you are just putting banners on your site, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. A lot of people are “ad blind”. They are so used to seeing advertisements and banners that they don’t click on it. Go back to your site now and insert your affiliate links with relevant keywords in your content!

Shortcut method: If you are using WordPress, you may like to use MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin to help you automatically convert keywords on your blog into affiliate links. This will save you a lot of time if you have a huge content site and you haven’t been adding contextual links regularly.

IM Seminars Junkies, Please Wake Up Your Idea!

I attended Pamelina Siow‘s (from Tara Internet Business) introductory seminar today. I’ve heard of her some time back and I knew the stuffs she did was a little bit different from the rest of the Singapore internet marketers. She is doing local business leads generation. Well, I got to know some of her leads-generating websites through the seminar, so there are things to learn from her sites.

At the same time, there are a few people I met at the seminar who are internet marketing seminars junkies, i.e. they love to attend internet seminars, they think they know a lot, BUT they don’t earn any money because they don’t take action.

After the session, there was a guy (let’s call him Mr. X) who was trying to ask Pam about SEO, PPC, what he learnt from other seminars (duh!). I didn’t manage to talk much to Pam because X kept talking to her and I can feel she’s getting a bit impatient. Then another fellow asked X what has he done and whether he is making any money online. X revealed he doesn’t know how to really create a website, he just want to market the product.

I told him, “As an internet marketer, you need to know at least how to create a SIMPLE website.”

He argued, “I don’t want to waste time spending so many hours creating a website. What I want to do is to focus on the marketing.” (I paraphrased it, but that’s what he is trying to convey)

He was pretty defensive, so I just kept quiet and I feel there isn’t a need to debate with him. But deep inside I was thinking, “FUCK YOU! How to be an INTERNET marketer when you can’t even build a SIMPLE website?”

As much as some gurus want you to believe that you can make $1.087 million dollars in 30 days with no technical knowledge, the fact is they are BULL SHITTING you.

It’s just like you are telling an aspiring chef that he doesn’t need to know how to hold a knife and he can be a top chef in just 30 days.

I am not suggesting that Mr. X needs to learn HTML and build a top notch beautifully designed website from scratch. Right now there are templates, softwares or wordpress that can help you create a simple site in just 30 min. But you still need to know how to edit your site a little; how to upload your site to your web host via FTP. Isn’t it?

To all those seminar junkies – you already know what you need to know. You just need to take some action to propel you forward.

This Is Exactly How I Feel

I was reading some affiliate marketing blogs when I came across this post from Finch Sells.

I guess Finch can express himself  through his writings much better than I can. I share the same sentiments as him and this is exactly how I feel about affiliate marketing, my business and entrepreneurship in general.

I will post some of his excerpts here:

1. For many affiliate marketers, this is the reality. We’ve given up day jobs, broken free from the chains of a Monday-Friday 9-5. But fuck you if you think it came without sacrifice along the way.

2. My weekends? If I wasn’t out socializing, I was working. The only reason I ever managed it was because to me, it was never really work. It was my passion and a step towards where I wanted to be.

3. If you never made a single penny with affiliate marketing, would you still enjoy it?

4. It wasn’t the money I cared about, it was the entrepreneurism of generating something out of nothing on my lonesome.

5. If you’re stargazing at the apparently novel lifestyle of an affiliate marketer, ask him where he came from instead of where he is today.

To get to where we are today, we made a lot of sacrifices. The journey is not smooth sailing and we encounter lots of ups and down. Definitely not for the faint-hearted. LOL.

My dad even asked me why don’t I get a job back (I used to work as a sales engineer). He said I will have a steady paycheck, weekends with no worries, have a company car to drive. Life will be good in his opinions.

Well, I can only say I DON’T like that kind of life. Those who are business owners, internet marketers or self-employed will agree with me.

On a side note, I think my dad will have no complaints if I continue to bring food to the table every month. 😛