Physical Product Conversion Rate At 23.08%

I have been promoting a physical product from for a while and to my surprise, it is actually converting very well. From the screen shot below, you can see that it’s converting at 23.08% as of now. There are only 26 clicks to the affiliate product page so far in November, but there are 6 sales already. Even the  life-time conversion rate is still at  10.22%. It is still a VERY good figure.

Well, I am actually targeting the product name, so it’s very specific. It has very low searches per month and low competition. According to the Google keyword tool, it has only 170 exact [monthly search]. Initially, I was just testing it to see whether the product can convert. Heck, and the page wasn’t even ranked #1 on Google. So I was quite amazed how well it is selling, given the low searches and little clicks.

For those who are into digital products, you should know better –  the average conversion rate is only about 1-3%, i.e. out of 100 visitors, only 1 will buy the product.

This led me wanting to explore deeper into promoting physical products. True enough, physical product’s commission may not be high – average between 4%-15%. BUT it converts very well. There are thousands of products and people want to BUY them. They already know what they want. They are just looking for a little bit more information and they will whip out their credit cards. Need very little persuasion for them to take action.

Something for you to ponder, for me to explore further and promote more physical products.

Google Sniper – Testing Out New Niche Marketing Method

Recently, there was another new product launch: Google Sniper

I thought it will be another lame product, trying to “game” google, cheap Adwords clicks for CPA marketing and all the yada-yada… I never really follow product launches nowadays, mainly because the products are re-hashed materials or hyped-up sales letter where the information can be found freely online.

But somehow, this Google Sniper thingy caught my attention. It was geared towards niche marketing. After reading the whole sales letter, I thought to myself, “Hmmm, this guy is doing niche marketing and he got his free SEO traffic with NO backlinks???!!!”

So, I grab hold of the report and read it. Seriously, it is way much better than I expected.

Some of his ways of doing stuffs are new to me, such as keyword research, how to pre-sell (really good stuff), how he configure his sites.

In theory, his methods of doing niche marketing might works… but I gonna try it and test it out myself. I have already registered 2 new domains and will work on them for the coming week.

For those who are interested, click here to visit Google Sniper.

Venturing into a New Niche Using Squidoo

I have ventured into a new niche. I won’t reveal the exact niche and all I can say is that it’s under the “Home and Family” category. So far, made a sale from it and it pays pretty well at USD$50 per sale. I didn’t take the conventional route of starting my own website (my own domain) and market it. I am trying new things and using Squidoo to kick-start it.

So, what exactly is Squidoo? Simply said, it’s a publishing platform where you can create a page based on a topic. They call the page “lenses” because it’s focused on a certain topic. For example, if your topic is on apples, the page should all be talking about apples ONLY. You don’t talk about bananas or other fruits. If you want to talk about bananas, by right you should create another “lens” and talk all about bananas.

So why choose Squidoo? First of all, it’s free, just like Secondly, which is critical,  it gets a lot of love from Google. This means that a Squidoo page tends to rank pretty well in the search engine. Of course there are techniques and strategies to rank even better. One of the methods I use is to create several lens and inter-linked them with each other. These provides good backlinks for each lens. In fact, Squidoo has been around for quite some time and I knew about it all these while. It’s only when I read more about it from PotPieGirl, that I began to create Squidoo pages.

Yes, you got it. My first sales came from one of my Squidoo page. This visitor searched for this particular keyword, found my page, browse it, clicked on my affiliate links, visit the merchant site and bought the product/service. By the way, this time round I am promoting a physical product/service. This is something new to me as well. All these while, I am selling digital products.

Of course, I have since bought my own domain and create my OWN website and promote this new niche product. New site needs time to rank well in search engine. I have ordered some articles. Once it’s done, it’s time to whack it and make it an authority site again.

So, if you are a beginner and you don’t wish to spend money buying your own domain or web host, try Squidoo. It’s the fastest way for you to see some initial results.

Building a Chicken Coop, Anyone?

Take a look at the strange niche below and the searches done per month on Google (exact search)


Yes, the niche is chicken coops. There are 1600 searches per month done on the exact phrase “building a chicken coop”. and tens of thousands of other searches related to chicken coops.

What amazes me is the ClickBank product below:


The gravity of the product is reasonably high at 100+. This means that there are affiliates promoting the product and are getting paid. Of course, this also means that there are also people BUYING this product and it is selling pretty well. Hmmmm….

Seriously, I don’t know whether the product is really converting unless I do a quick per-pay-click advertising to test it out myself. As far as  I know, the gravity of a product can be manipulated. Also, there are also many other “chicken coops” copy-cat products springing up in Clickbank as well now. Anyway, I am not interested in this niche. Just find it interesting to share a “strange” niche with you. If you are interested to see the product, here’s the link to it. (yes, an affiliate link.) 🙂

Niche Site Update

I said previously that I would update on my new niche site progress. So, after more than 2 weeks later, I got the traffic and I have got some sales now 🙂

How do I get the traffic? Nothing fanciful or “sexy”. Just did the tried and tested method.

  • Articles submission
  • Blog posting (UNIQUE content)
  • Social bookmarking
  • Blog Carnival Submission

By doing the above methods, I get ranked in Google because of the link-building process. And right now, most of my traffic come from search engines. However, I am wary of the Google Sandbox. That is getting indexed by Google very quickly and getting good traffic from it for a few weeks before a massive drop in rankings. You will have to wait for about a few months before getting the rankings back. Normally, a brand new website suffer this wrath and I have experienced it before!

I am also in the process of creating my own product. That’s another project. All these while, I have been focusing on affiliate marketing and promoting other people’s product. It’s time to create my OWN product and turn to a new source of income.

I will launch it this month. 🙂

Another Niche Site Is Up!

I have finished setting up a new niche site. Not exactly “new”, as I have registered the domain and done the site graphics quite some time ago. Somehow, I just left it idle.

Previously, I was busy doing some PPC campaigns. Wanted to test the profitablity of the niches before I dive into it. i don’t want to spend my whole lot of time building a site then realized that the niche or product doesn’t convert. I would have wasted all my precious time.

And yeah, I wasted USD$300+ on PPC. Gathered around 350+ clicks but NOT a single sale. Damn it. Either I ran my keywords wrongly or the product doesn’t convert. BUT, it’s ranked top 10 in ClickBank. It’s just like Fat Loss 4 Idiots, the gravity is damn high but it just doesn’t convert for me. In fact, quite a number of marketers also commented in the Warriors Forum that it doesn’t convert for them. Either we used the wrong approach or the product sucks.

Anyway, right now I will stick to my tried and tested products/merchant. Ordered 40 articles. 20 articles on blog and 20 on articles directories. I will update on the status of this new niche site again. 🙂