Contextual Links Get the Most Clicks (Sales As Well)

If you are doing affiliate marketing, I am sure you will put banners, contextual links, popup etc on your website. But do you know exactly where are your visitors clicking? I came across a lot of niche websites where the affiliate marketers just slapped a banner on the sidebar or just putting  468×60 banners, hoping that their visitors will click on them. But let me tell you, contextual links (links within your content) get the most clicks.

track clicks

I tracked my website’s clicks – whether my visitors are clicking on the sidebar banner, top banner, bottom banner, side banner or in-content links. The result is majority of the clicks (60%) are contextual links. Can you see the picture above? 5629 clicks for contextual links compare to 1977 clicks (2nd highest) on my bottom banner.

Here’s how my typical website looks like:

website structure

Well, you may ask: “So what if the contextual links get a lot of clicks, do they convert into sales for you?”  The answer is YES.  Here’s a partial screen shot from my ClickBank account:

clickbank screenshot

As you can see from the tracking ID (TID) above, most of the sales came from “BLOGPOST”, which is my contextual links.

So, if you are just putting banners on your site, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. A lot of people are “ad blind”. They are so used to seeing advertisements and banners that they don’t click on it. Go back to your site now and insert your affiliate links with relevant keywords in your content!

Shortcut method: If you are using WordPress, you may like to use MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin to help you automatically convert keywords on your blog into affiliate links. This will save you a lot of time if you have a huge content site and you haven’t been adding contextual links regularly.

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