Don’t Complain, Learn to Appreciate

Sometimes when you are out in a foreign country, especially those countries which are not as developed, you will learn to appreciate Singapore much better.

Right now, as I am using the Internet, it is considered a “luxury item”. I am paying about USD$70 per month for an approx. 384kbps speed. My 3 partners and I shared the costs and we take turns to use the Internet.

When we cooped up in Singapore for too long, we tend to take things for granted. We think that our government is not doing enough, our wages are not high enough, things are too expensive, transport system not good enough etc.

Wait till you come to Cambodia. You thoughts will changed.

Singaporeans like to complain on the slightest issues. In my opinions, we are just too pampered. Our Gen Y generation never face hardships. We are fed with a silver spoon since we were born. We have good families, good education, good living environment… basically good life. The only thing we are worried is not getting a grade A for our examinations.

Please complain less and appreciate more. Singapore is really the BEST.

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