Dropbox: It’s More Than Online Backup and File Sync

Dropbox is basically an application for online backup, file sync and sharing. It stores your data in the “cloud”, so you can access your files anywhere (PC, Mac, Smart phones etc) as long as you have an Internet connection. It’s free and comes with a basic 2GB storage space.

I know Dropbox exists for quite some time but it’s only recently that I started using it. You know what, the main reason I am using it is not because I want to backup my files. I use it for “silent communication” between me and my writers/assistant.

I just hired a part-time assistant recently to help me do all the article submissions and data entries. I want the work process to be simple, fast and efficient.  I find sending emails and attachments too much of a chore and the way Dropbox works is just perfect for me.

I create a shared folder between me and my assistant. If there is any work to be done, I just “drop” the files into the folder. She will get notified automatically and I don’t have to send her emails or through instant messaging. When the task is done, she will just edit the file name. For example from abc_task.doc to done_abc_task.doc. Just a simple change in file name, I will also get notified. In that way, I will know that she had completed the task.

All the work done without me “talking” to her. Fast and efficient.

Of course, I do backup and store some of my files in Dropbox as well so that I can access them anywhere (sometimes I work on my girlfriend’s laptop too!). It’s really that good and most importantly – FREE. There are paid upgrades available if you need much more storage space. But I guess most users should do fine with the free option. By the way, you get additional 250MB space every time if you refer somebody to use Dropbox.

Here’s the link to get Dropbox:

http://db.tt/p0JdWMH (shortened referral link)

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