Do You Dream Of Achieving Financial Freedom?

Discover How You Can Make Money From Stocks And Property… If You Follow These Rules

Have you ever invested in a particular stock and see its price goes down the very next day? Don’t you just hate it because it seems you can never win in the stock market? Do you know when is the right time to buy a property?

Would you like to know the secrets to making money in stocks? Time-tested proven strategies that give you the upper hand…

Let Dennis Ng, a self-made millionaire, shares with you some practical yet powerful investment strategies which allows him to grow his net worth by more than 15% annually for the past 15 years.

Who is Dennis Ng, you  may ask?

Dennis is a highly sought-after financial expert by TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. He is a columnist for mypaper financial column, an IM$avvy Blogger at CPF website and the bestselling author of Singapore’s books on personal finance – Mastering Your Personal Finance and Why Money Is Always Not Enough.

dennis ng best selling author

He is conducting a FREE 2.5 hours “Path To Financial Freedom” Workshop. You will discover:

  • Proven strategies to make money from investing
  • When is the BEST time to invest?
  • Investments which give more than 5% returns but not affected by stock market
  • What is Rule 72 and how would it affect you?
  • Where will most Singaporeans be by age 60?
  • Why does the rich gets richer?
  • Learn at least 2 ways to create money for investing
  • How to cash out your property without selling it?
  • Why does Financial Planners teach you to diversify and why doesn’t it work?
  • Learn how to Analyze Company’s Financial Statements
  • Discover your own Financial Quotient using our Financial Evaluation Analysis
  • and much more!

The next workshop will be held on
05 Jan 2012 & 10 Jan 2012 (Mandarin)
12 Jan 2012 & 17 Jan 2012 (English)

Limited seats, so hurry and REGISTER NOW!

We will then send you an email/sms on your booking number and venue prior to the dates.
Venue will be at Park Mall

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P.S. I am NOT recommending this workshop any more. Just keeping this page for archive purpose only.