Google Sniper – Testing Out New Niche Marketing Method

Recently, there was another new product launch: Google Sniper

I thought it will be another lame product, trying to “game” google, cheap Adwords clicks for CPA marketing and all the yada-yada… I never really follow product launches nowadays, mainly because the products are re-hashed materials or hyped-up sales letter where the information can be found freely online.

But somehow, this Google Sniper thingy caught my attention. It was geared towards niche marketing. After reading the whole sales letter, I thought to myself, “Hmmm, this guy is doing niche marketing and he got his free SEO traffic with NO backlinks???!!!”

So, I grab hold of the report and read it. Seriously, it is way much better than I expected.

Some of his ways of doing stuffs are new to me, such as keyword research, how to pre-sell (really good stuff), how he configure his sites.

In theory, his methods of doing niche marketing might works… but I gonna try it and test it out myself. I have already registered 2 new domains and will work on them for the coming week.

For those who are interested, click here to visit Google Sniper.

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