Have A Blessed Christmas!

This year’s Christmas is a lot more special to me, which is going back to the root of the celebration, the birth of Jesus Christ instead of just a “festive holiday”. Yesterday was the first service of NCC to be hosted at The STAR. Amazing place and all the glory can goes to God. Of course, I also have had good gatherings with my friends. Lots of fun, food and laughter!

ncc the star first service

Actually, year 2012 has not been really a good year for me and it was tough on me emotionally. That was nobody I could depend on until I found myself back in the arms of the Lord and I can say His timing is really perfect. He is never late, never early… just on time. 🙂

Anyway, I wish everyone of you a very blessed Christmas.

Year 2013 will be a great year!

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