How I Generate $257,678 in 30 Days Using This Software

No… The title is totally bullshit. I DIDN’T make $200k in a month. But did I catch your attention?

Well, if you are subscribed to a number of  marketers’ or gurus’ email lists, you will definitely come across such headlines. All you need to do is buy the product, and you will make obscene amount of money within a very short period of time, at the click of a button and you can retire for good.

Well, I feel that all these hyped-up and misleading internet marketing products are getting out of hand. Marketers and JV partners just promote such nonsensical products to their lists hoping to make quick bucks. I simply lose respect for them.

Some marketers will argue that they did nothing wrong. They didn’t rob or steal. People are willing to buy such products, so they just fulfill the demand.  They didn’t point a gun at their prospects’ heads and force them to buy. They don’t feel it’s morally and ethically wrong to sell people such dubious products.

Do you really think so?

It’s like you are telling me you slept with your best friend’s wife and you think you have done nothing wrong. You then defend yourself saying that she’s horny and you didn’t force her to sleep with you. Hmmm, technically you are right since both are willing parties. But morally you are a fucking bastard. It’s just damn WRONG. Isn’t it?

Ok.. enough of my rant.

Anyway, here’s a good post from Finch Sells again.

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  1. TruthStands
    TruthStands says:

    I bought the software…

    I fell for it.

    1 hour later I got my refund back. Why? Because the “secret method” uses a sneaky backdoor technique which violates the terms of use for Facebook.

    Black hat and complete baloney.

  2. Richard Ong
    Richard Ong says:

    hi, Alex

    thanks for clearing my doubt. I am new to IM, and is serious of carving out a path for my future and also my family.

    I know I have to do it as I do not believe in working. I am approaching 40 soon, and just suffered a chop in 2009 after company buy over, and the 2008 US financial crisis. There is just no security in working, it is just false comfort zone. Even if I am willing to work till I drop dead, there will come a time when no one will want me.

    You have cleared my doubt, as I have been bombarded with many claim of zero effort, and just a few clicks to achieve many $$$.

    I always wonder if it so effective, why is then the marketer himself still need to market the product to me. It keep me wondering why.

    Now I know, IM is a great endeavour, I do believe it. Just like anything, there is always bad hats around. Or maybe not bad hats, just people who are blind by the dollars.

    Really grateful for your sharing.

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    @richard: Thanks. You need to know how to filter out those bad stuffs in internet marketing. There are no get-rich-quick or do-nothing-and-get-rich in any business. 🙂

  4. ivanof
    ivanof says:

    I am from indonesian, i am really want to study with you, but i don’t know about internet and my english not good. thanks

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