How to Build An Authority Site – Traffic Included

A blog reader by the name of Kris asked me some questions pertaining on how I build my authority site. I just feel it’s good to share it with you. Here’s the questions he asked:

You said some of your sites are becoming authority sites and you are getting some good organic traffic – if you don’t mind sharing, how are you doing this?

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for several years, and make decent part-time money, but my sites that 3-4 years ago used to dominate the search engine rankings are now nowhere near the top.

The reply I gave:

As I mentioned in my post, my biggest site has more than 100 posts. That’s already more than 100 pages of solid content.

The things I did are simple, nothing fanciful.

  1. Just submitting articles to the regular directories (with desired anchor text)
  2. Updating my blog aggressively when just starting out
  3. Look for other authority sites that allowed users to post articles/content
  4. Engage in forums (when I first started out)
  5. Social bookmarking (to get back links)

Once you do all these CONSTANTLY with QUALITY content, search engines will start ranking you and you will get organic traffic. I use wordpress blogs as my site platform, because it’s very search engine friendly.

And a thing to add, I don’t spin articles like what other marketers did. I hired writers to write unique articles for me. I feel that is important. Quality content provides value to people and SE likes it.

You said some of your sites dominate the SE many years back. Did you constantly update your site?

I believed if you wanna stay on top, you have to “maintain’ your site. Either get backlinks steadily over time or update your site, or else other competitor can come in and kill the competition. 🙂

The important stuffs are the highlighted words above. And the key to success is the word: CONSISTENT. Building an authority requires time and hard work. You don’t slap a site up with just 5 pages of content and expect it to rank no. 1 for competitive keywords. Whatever you do, do it better than your competitor.

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