How to Use Your Hobby and Create a 2nd Income Stream

Are you happy with your monthly paycheck now? Ok, I know most will shout that money is always not enough for you!

But have you really sat down and thought of creating a 2nd income stream? No… I am not asking you to start a business.

It’s more like doing what you love and getting paid at the same time.  Let’s just say that you make USD$200 from it. It’s not a lot, but I am sure it helps to pay the bills, extra money for your shopping needs, have a good meal with your loved ones. Who knows you can even earns thousands? It is possible.

So, how can you do it?

1. Article Writer

I know of friends who can write pretty well. You can be a part-time article writer! Where can you find your customers? Simple, just head over to GetaFreeLancer. It’s a market place for the skilled freelancers. Writers, web designers, graphics designers, programmers are all in demand. There are tons of projects there, just sign up for an account and you can bid for work.

Normally, the articles range from 250-600 words and you are paid between USD$2 to $10 per article depending on the article length and topic.

Again, let’s assume you are just paid $3/article for a 300-word article and you got 20 articles based on a 1-week deadline.  You earn $60. If you had 4 such projects, you get to earn an extra $240/month. If writing is your forte, this is really easy money. Some may think the money is too little, but think about it… you are working part-time at the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. No selling, no talking to customers, no customer service. 😛

2. Sell Stock Photos

Did you realized that more and more Singaporeans are buying dSLR cameras and into photography? Just take a walk on the streets, many people are hanging their dSLRs on their neck, as if it’s an accessory for the clothes.

If you are really a good photographer, you can try selling stock photos. By definition, they are photos which are available for rental or purchase for commercial use.

Head over to iStockPhoto and take a look. To know how they pay you, click here.

Of course, they don’t accept every Tom, Dick and Harry photos. Your photos must be of quality and follow certain rules and guidelines.

For photos only (they accept stock audios as well), you are paid between USD$0.30 to $8.40 per photo per download.

If your photo happens to be popular and assume they are downloaded 1000 times based on the lowest $0.30 royalty earnings, you earn $300! This is even easier money! You take the shoot one time, but you are paid over and over again.

It is definitely possible. Check out this simple stock photo here. It’s a random search by me and it’s already downloaded more than 1000 times. The photographer has 80 photos submitted. You go and figure how much he earns.

And yes, I hire writers and I do buy stock photos myself. That’s why I know about such stuffs. 🙂

You see… there are opportunities for you to earn good extra income. You just need to look out for it, open your eyes big.

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  1. Kev
    Kev says:

    Hi Alex,

    Just wondered how did you sniff out all these opportunities out there…. Did you discovered it just by google it or via another websites? perhaps you can blog this more in future!

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    I happened to chance upon Adam Khoo’s book “Secrets of self-made millionaires” in 2006, which he mentioned about internet marketing as a low capital, low risk way of starting a business. So, I started from there, explore further and try it out. 🙂

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