I Wonder How Much They Pay?

Saw this job posting in JobStreet by Bain & Mercer today:

Are you passionate about internet marketing?

We are recruiting a highly motivated Online Marketing Executive who has done either one of the following:
– manage your own blogshop
– spend at least 2 hours on Facebook every day.
– has a Twitter account and actively tweet.
– indulge in online affiliate marketing, familiar with Google Adsense.
– built a website
– or has managed a PPC campaign before.

As our Online Marketing Executive you will be the online marketing advisor to our clients, their “go-to” person for anything concerning online marketing. You will assist in diagnosing their problem and working out a viable online marketing solution to achieve their business goals.

You will also work with internal and external resource in the delivery, ensuring the business goals, budget and timeline are met.

If you have a passion in internet marketing, this would certainly be a fun environment for you.

If I saw this job ad when I graduated from university last May (2008), I would definitely apply for this position. ๐Ÿ™‚

Just wondering what’s the salary for this “online marketing executive” position? Maybe somebody can apply for it, go for the interview and tell me about it. LOL.

Seriously, for those who have YET to become as a full-time online marketer (you will make it sooner or later), this is like a “dream job” – doing what you love.

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