IM Seminars Junkies, Please Wake Up Your Idea!

I attended Pamelina Siow‘s (from Tara Internet Business) introductory seminar today. I’ve heard of her some time back and I knew the stuffs she did was a little bit different from the rest of the Singapore internet marketers. She is doing local business leads generation. Well, I got to know some of her leads-generating websites through the seminar, so there are things to learn from her sites.

At the same time, there are a few people I met at the seminar who are internet marketing seminars junkies, i.e. they love to attend internet seminars, they think they know a lot, BUT they don’t earn any money because they don’t take action.

After the session, there was a guy (let’s call him Mr. X) who was trying to ask Pam about SEO, PPC, what he learnt from other seminars (duh!). I didn’t manage to talk much to Pam because X kept talking to her and I can feel she’s getting a bit impatient. Then another fellow asked X what has he done and whether he is making any money online. X revealed he doesn’t know how to really create a website, he just want to market the product.

I told him, “As an internet marketer, you need to know at least how to create a SIMPLE website.”

He argued, “I don’t want to waste time spending so many hours creating a website. What I want to do is to focus on the marketing.” (I paraphrased it, but that’s what he is trying to convey)

He was pretty defensive, so I just kept quiet and I feel there isn’t a need to debate with him. But deep inside I was thinking, “FUCK YOU! How to be an INTERNET marketer when you can’t even build a SIMPLE website?”

As much as some gurus want you to believe that you can make $1.087 million dollars in 30 days with no technical knowledge, the fact is they are BULL SHITTING you.

It’s just like you are telling an aspiring chef that he doesn’t need to know how to hold a knife and he can be a top chef in just 30 days.

I am not suggesting that Mr. X needs to learn HTML and build a top notch beautifully designed website from scratch. Right now there are templates, softwares or wordpress that can help you create a simple site in just 30 min. But you still need to know how to edit your site a little; how to upload your site to your web host via FTP. Isn’t it?

To all those seminar junkies – you already know what you need to know. You just need to take some action to propel you forward.

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  1. Lester
    Lester says:

    Hey Alex, very well said! Mr X was truly “incredible” in saying things like that and I’m sure you already “beautify” what he had mentioned here. I have attended one seminar, and will be attending another (global internet seminar) next week to understand more about IM. Hope I am not considered a junkie at this point?

    You are right to say that actions need to be taken to propel someone forward. I have done alot of research on IM for the past 2 weeks and I’m truly amazed of how magical it is as a business, whether it is selling ebooks, systems, or as an affiliate.

    I guess what is stopping me right now is seriously there are so many different advices gurus out there are giving/selling it results in info overload. I tend to hesitate alot in making my 1st step, because I know once I make my 1st step I want to do a good job!

    As a Singaporean, I’m proud to know there are so many Singaporeans being so successful in IM such as Ewen Chia, Calvin Woon, Edmund Loh, Alvin Phang and even youself and many more!

    Proud of you and wish you great success!

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    @lester: It’s alright to attend seminars/workshops in my opinion. As long as you take action after attending them. However, there are just too many looking for the magic button. If you are getting started in IM, I wish you success! Keep grinding and persevere – you will see success, a matter of time.

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