LG Netbook? Forget About It. It Sucks

*Disclaimer: A long post for my grumble on LG. Either you read it or leave.*

Recently there are a few incidents that annoy the hell out of me. The latest is on my LG Netbook X120.

I bought it during the recent Comex IT show. So it was only about 2 weeks ago. However, my girlfriend realized that the netbook’s hinge is a bit loose (when you open or close the LCD). Thus, when you carry it at a slanted angle, the screen will “topple” or “slide” down, if you understand what I mean.

If this is a 14″ or 15″ notebook, I can gladly accept it because it will be more bulky and I will carry around less often, so it shouldn’t be an major issue. However, a NETBOOK will be a different story. It is meant to be PORTABLE.  We carry the netbook around here and there, hence it’s kinda of irritating when the LCD just “slide” downwards.

So, I paid a visit to LG notebook service center at Alexandra Road, hoping they can make the hinge tighter. I thought it would be a simple job.

But I was wrong. When I told the customer service representative what’s the problem. She told me flatly, “It’s like that one.”

Then I proceed to tell her that I checked out other retail stores that carry the netbook and it wasn’t LIKE THAT.

As usual at customer service center, she asked me to hold for a moment while she went to the back-office and compare it with other same model netbooks and discussed it with her colleague (I could see them).

She brought out 2 other identical netbooks and still insist that “It is like that one”. WTF. I was starting to boil. Of course, I inspected the other netbooks and clearly their hinges are tighter and I even demonstrate the difference between my netbook and others.

All the yada-yada… and then, a guy came out to serve me instead. I guess he was the technical person.

He said quite a number of people had encountered this problem and said it is a common issue.  YEAH…SO? HOW CAN YOU SOLVE IT? C’mon, I just bought the netbook 2 weeks ago. It is as good as new. It’s not like I have used for half a year and then complained about it.

The guy then said that if I insist on having the hinge tightened, they can do it for me but I have to accept the condition after the “repair”.  Because he said that the hinge is under the motherboard and they have to dismantle the whole thing before it can be tightened. Even doing so, the hinge may just be slightly tightened only.

WTF! Dismantle the whole thing? Then it will not be a newly manufactured set like before. Who knows what will happen later on when they dismantle the whole damn thing?

So, I said I wanted a new set. Because it IS a defective product. It’s not a wear-and-tear issue, not due to user carelessness and most importantly, they CAN’T guarantee the problem will be solved if it is sent for service and I have to accept the outcome.

The tech guy then said the service center does not do 1-to-1 exchange and I have to direct my concern to the “sales” team, which is the retail shop which I bought my netbook from.

Again… WTF. Do you think the shop will give me a new set?? It will NOT! I worked in IT retail sales before. The shop will definitely push the problem to the service center. So what am I supposed to do?

The LG service center cannot provide me the “service” when it is called the “service center”. I left the place angrily. Clearly, there is something wrong with the product and LG didn’t take up the responsibility.

You know what? I happened to buy a defective blood pressure monitor a week ago at the Bukit Batok Polyclinic NHG Pharmacy a week ago. The machine itself is alright. But the arm velcro is torn after one use. So, I went back. The people there just changed for me on the spot and I got a new arm piece and they didn’t even request for a receipt. This is what I call a good after sales service.

C’mon, LG… Do you think I purposely “destroy” my netbook, so that I can demand a new set? Do you think it’s fun to take public transport all the way to the service center and get a non-satisfactory solution? Or rather NO solution.

1st hand experience is very important, especially for a new customer. This is my first LG product. However, this will be my last as well. So what if the laptops/mobile phones look chic and cool? The after sales support is terrible.

There is NO way I will buy a LG product in the future. The brand is tarnished in my heart.  You just lose a customer. Yeah, to you… I am just ONE of the million customers. No big deal.

But my blog is read by my friends and search engine visitors. Their buying decision for LG products  may be influenced by such a negative post. You may just lose 1 customer for now. But it may be potentially hundreds or thousands in the near future.

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  1. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    I nv had a good impression of LG’s quality anyway, much less get a netbook from them! no matter how good their phones look and how tempted I am to buy them, I always tell myself “erm, but LG leh..” hahahaha!
    u could have been more persistent in the service centre, which isn’t quite u.. since the little ikan bilis in the service centre can’t satisfy u den probably u shld go for ppl with more power and authority to solve ur problem and discontentment with the service quality..? *shrugs

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    @steph: I wanna use social media to let the mass know. Even if they change a new piece for me, the damage has already been done.

    @walter: yeah, there are a lot of netbook models to choose from. It’s the design that attracted me. But a bad move from me to get LG. 🙂

  3. nicko
    nicko says:

    You should sent you complaints to LG korea, the local service center is managed by unqualified technicians who are only interested in doing very simple operations and monetary gains. The local management is aware and condone their actions. LG Korea is an international operation and is very serious about their product image and service quality, but unfortunately they are not aware of the cover ups of bad service which you have 1st hand experience. They do not issue job sheets for such incidents and so it is not reflected in their records. I am sure you will be get better service once LG Korea knows about your case.

  4. VB
    VB says:

    I thought that the LG service is bad only in my country (RO) and intended to try to get help through the international service… but this post just did enlighten me.

    My issue is more simple than this – I bought a touchscreen phone and I wanted some info regarding some things that ARE NOT explained in the manual and though on their support / service page they say “we gonna solve your issue right from the first contact”… think twice – they just gave me a service office phone number… while they say that you can get help by e-mail.
    No more LG products for me EVER (former experience: I did change 3 DVD-RW’s for my pc because of open/close door issues… the last one still has THE SAME problem but I gave up on changing them and bought a pioneer instead)

  5. Yuna
    Yuna says:

    I have an LG X130 netbook and it’s very good. I am more than satisfied with it’s performance and functions. I have this for more than three years now and I never had any problem yet.

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