Lunch With Mum and Dad

My mum took leave today just because it’s my birthday.  Normally her “off” days are on Thursday. She wants to treat me to  a birthday meal.

Yeah… and so we went to West Mall’s chinese restaurant called “Tian Le Li”. Had some tim sum and two other dishes. It’s our FIRST time dining there! Can you imagine that – we are just 10 min away from West Mall? LOL.

The food are just so-so. Nothing fantastic, but they are not that bad anyway. But they are CHEAP. One tim sum basket just costs about $2.00-$2.20. It’s even cheaper than some kopitiams.

Anyway, my mum are supposed to “treat” me. But once the bill came, I just gave the waitress my card. Haha. It has been a long time since I gave my parents a treat. I know they are happy. Well, actually I seldom “communicate” with my parents. So just let my actions do the talking.

A simple lunch… but heart-warming.

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