My Directions for 2011

I know it is a bit late, but I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year ahead!

My plans and directions for 2011? Just gonna focus on these three:

1. Current money-making niche sites

About 5 sites of mine are getting good traffic and I believe I can increase the traffic further. I will be focusing the long tail keywords. Don’t underestimate those low traffic keywords. They all add up to form a sizable traffic.

Also, with the traffic that I am getting (~19,000 unique visitors per month for my bigger sites), I think I am not fully maximizing my income. So instead of starting from scratch, I shall work on my existing sites to bring in more moolah.

2. Physical Products Affiliate Marketing

The conversion rate for physical products is high. I have been testing out again recently by promoting Amazon products. So far: 9 sales from 55 clicks, conversion at 16.36% with commissions of $75.94. The income is nothing great to shout about. But the conversion is just awesome. Just need to drive more traffic, traffic and more traffic!

3. Local Lead Generation

Been working in the wedding niche to provide leads for companies. I want to earn some SGD! Cos’ USD=FAIL. Damned the diminishing exchange rates!

I do set some goals for myself for 2011.  But I am not going to announce it publicly here (I am a bit superstitious). So, I rather tell you my directions instead!

What’s yours? 😀

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