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Affiliate marketing is still one of the easiest way to make money online. You don’t need to have your own product, you don’t need to handle any customer support, you don’t need to ship any product (if it’s a physical product). Best of all, it’s a way to generate passive income if you manage to do it right.

5 years ago, when I first got started in internet marketing, those “gurus” were teaching how you can start doing affiliate marketing with It’s easy to sign up, easy to find products, high commission ranging from 50%-75% because they are digital products. All these are no doubt the advantages, but the problem is…. there are just way TOO MANY affiliates all rushing to promote the SAME product.

Definitely good for the product owner as there are thousands of affiliates making sales for you. But as an affiliate, it is just insane competition, be it vying for organic search traffic or pay per click marketing. You will have a hard time to make even a single sale. That’s because all the gurus teach the same things:  “If you are doing affiliate marketing, go to clickbank and search for products to promote.”

If every newbie is doing the same thing, what are your chances of making good money?

My advice?

STAY AWAY from Clickbank for now. Go and join other affiliate networks. They are well-established too, and most importantly there are much lesser competition and even more choice of products to promote – both physical and digital products.

Personally, I am using and it is my preferred network. Other popular ones include: CJ, Linkshare, Amazon.  Last month, I made a 5-figure income from shareasale. You can make money from other networks, don’t just stick to clickbank. By the way, I also have income from clickbank and amazon too.

shareasale 5 figure



What I am trying to say is that, go out and explore on yourself. Don’t listen everything to what those “internet gurus” say. A lot of them are “making money by teaching people how to make money online”. You see the irony?

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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Hi Seng Lee,

    They are not really product reviews. They are just basically informational site and I just insert my contextual links, banners etc and direct them to the merchants. Of course, the headlines/copywriting of the banners must capture their attention and inserted strategically, so that they will click on your affiliate links.

  2. Felix
    Felix says:

    What if you already have some experience in SEO and can rank for some of the niches for clickbank? Is it still worth it to promote stuff from clickbank then.. I heard that clickbank products seem to have a much lower conversion rate but higher refund rate..,

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    Hi Felix,

    Definitely. If you can find a clickbank product that can convert and can generate traffic through SEO, then go all out and promote that product. But somehow, I found that some of the “popular” previous clickbank products that I had promoted did not seem to able to convert for me. Maybe it’s just my luck or I didn’t know how to choose my product. 😛

  4. Bel
    Bel says:

    Wow this is so inspiring Alex 🙂 I just joined shareasale. I currently only have one authority site related to beauty, hair, fashion, travel, health all into 1 site. It’s a new site that I launched last year October 2013. I monetize my site with amazon and I only earn about $90 average per month (only because I don’t blog a lot as I’m lazy) and I currently only have about 19 articles. By this month October 2014 I plan to publish at least 4 posts per week consistently to generate more income. Also, I just got accepted with shareasale and plan to incorporate my affiliate links.

    Do you earn more money from shareaale or amazon?

    I also don’t know how i’m going to incorporate shareasale with my amazon links. Any advice?


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