My Smartphone, My Samsung Wave

Just got myself a new phone recently – Samsung Wave

I have finally jumped on the bandwagon and become a smartphone user. Before that, my phone was strictly for calls and and sms.

Now I can check my emails on the go, surf the net, peep at facebook, take photographs (5 MP with AF and flash), play games, wi-fi tethering (using my phone as a modem) and lots more. This phone becomes my entertainment companion! No more boring rides on the MRT or buses. LOL.

I knew iPhone 4 is coming out soon. No doubt it’s a very sleek-looking phone with lots of apps and new features. But I hate to use a product that is so commonly adopted by the masses. I read from some articles saying that Singapore has the highest penetration rate for iPhone: 1 out 10 mobile users are using it.So it’s a no-no for me.

Well, I am very pleased with my Samsung Wave till now. So far so good….

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