New Goal, New Motivation


Yeah… I have a new motivation now, powered by my new goal. That is to earn USD10,000 per month by 31th Dec 2009. I bet even a moron is able to see from the picture above! Haaa.

My previous goal was to be able to quit my job by 30th Apr 2009. I achieved that. However, I feel that my income became stagnant upon reaching that goal. I really need something to push me forward and scale greater heights.

Frankly speaking, setting a goal of 10k/month is really pushing me completely out of my comfort zone.  I know several of my internet marketing friends are already earning much more than that. To me, a 10k income seems so far-stretched, it’s like an impossible goal.

However, setting “impossible” goal not only motivates me now, it will also force me to think at a different level to achieve it. I am getting excited. As you can see, I have even pasted my income goal just right in infront of my laptop, so that it’s often visible within my sight and continuously remind myself.

Since young, I realized that I always got the things I want much later than my peers. HOWEVER, I will still got it in the end. It is just a matter of time.

So, with a new goal and new motivation. I am ready to go all out and get it.

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