New Site, New Sales

For those internet marketers who know me well enough, I always tell them that I had no luck with ClickBank. I tried promoting several products from Clickbank, but with little success. Bulk of my income came from Shareasale.

However, due to some price changes to the products I am promoting, they are not really converting and the conversion rates drop drastically. My traffic is, in fact, increasing but the sales drop. So, I decided to venture into Clickbank once again. LOL.

So far, the results are promising. The site was up and running on 24th Mar and I got my first sale within 7 days. I only got 26 clicks, and I got the sale. And within the next few days I got another sale. So 2 sales so far with around 50+ clicks. The conversion rate looks good so far with the little traffic I generate.

As usual, I need to get more traffic (at least 500 CTR) before I can conclude whether the product can really convert.

The ways I generate traffic are still the same – it’s old-school but they still work like a charm: Publish good content on my blog, article marketing, directories submission, social bookmarking, carnival submission.

New tip for those who are using article marketing:

It’s a PR7 site and you can submit your articles there! The highest PageRank for an article submission site I have seen so far. But don’t expect much traffic from there.  Just use it to build backlinks. It doesn’t hurt to have one more backlink from another article submission site :). The Kingpin is still EzineArticles where you can get direct traffic from there.

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