New to Internet Marketing? Step By Step Videos For You

If you are new to internet marketing, I am sure you will be lost by the overwhelming information found online. Things are made worse if you are not a technical person and you don’t even know how to set up a simple blog or website (that’s me when I first got started).

I am sure you want some guidance or somebody who can teach you step-by-step. Singapore’s most famous internet marketer, Ewen Chia, has just launched a free training site which you can get access to step-by-step training videos that will teach you how to get started with your online business. Specifically, he will teach you how to do affiliate marketing, that is promoting somebody’s else products and you get a commission for each sale made.

Some of the videos lessons include:

  • What is affiliate marketing
  • How to get your affiliate link
  • How to get domain name and hosting
  • How to find a truly profitable topic
  • How to find profitable affiliate products
  • How to build your keyword list
  • How to dominate the search engines EASILY
  • Getting maximum conversion for your promotions
  • and much more

If you are a complete newbie, I am sure these videos will benefit you and most importantly, they are free.

Of course, once you get into the member area, Ewen will recommend his paid products and other services. Don’t worry, there’s no obligation for you to buy. But I must say that, for a newbie, some of his products are pretty useful. I bought my first internet marketing product from him as well (that’s way back in 2006).

My advice? Go through the training videos, explore further yourself and take action. Don’t worry about “not knowing everything”. There is no perfect timing for you to get started. Learn as you do, do as you learn and refine along the way.

Click here to get access to those free training videos. Just fill up and name and email address and you are good to go.

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