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Let me tell you something….

I do short-term trading. Not everyday though, only when I
see an opportunity, then I will make a trade.
Bulk of my capital is still invested in the form of market
cycle investing, i.e. buy and hold good FA stock with a
longer time horizon

My trading capital is just a tiny portion only.

I trade not because I want to make money fast. I trade
because I am genuine interested in technical analysis (TA).
(of course, if I make money in the process, then I will be
happy too!)

When I have an opinion in a stock counter, the only way to
prove that my analysis is right is to put some money and
vested in it.

No point be a “hindsight king” and say, “SEE… I told you
this counter will go up, you don’t believe me!?”

When you asked that person whether they bought (long) it, they
will then say they never buy… sounds familiar? Haha…

Anyway, I was browsing some counters today, and this counter
happened to catch my attention:


Access the link below to view the chart:

Yanlord price is down and formed a lower high formation
during the past 4 days

It formed a DOJI candlestick on the last trading day (23 Mar)

If you attended the mentoring session, you will know that
doji is a potential trend reversal signal.

People is selling and there is fear in the market. We let
the short-sellers sell and let them make money first.

When the short sellers cannot push down the price further,
then it’s MY TURN TO GO IN.

As of writing (24 Mar 4.05am), the US market ended positive,
so Mon most likely will be a positive opening for the Asian markets.

Whether I will enter into the Yanlord trade will depend on
the price action on Mon.

Sharing on how the exact techniques (buy price, take profit,
stop loss etc) to enter the trade is beyond the scope of
this email.

But this email is to tell you that how you can time your
entry into the market better if you know how to read price
action and candlestick analysis.

Remember, trading is never 100% guarantee. Yanlord can still
go down on Monday.

We will see how Yanlord react on Monday then!

Have a good weekend ahead.


P.S. I am just sharing my views only, not advising you to trade.


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