Outsource Your SEO Link-Building – Services I Use Personally

Incoming links to your website are the “fuel” to help you rank better in search engines. There’s only so much you can do to optimize ON your site, and I can say that about 90% is based on off-page factors that will determine your rankings in Google.

People often ask me how do I build my links and there are 101 ways that you can build links. But the ones that I used often are:

  1. Article Marketing
  2. Directories Submission
  3. Social Bookmarking
  4. Blog Carnival
  5. 3-Way Links

If you try do all the methods above by yourself manually, you will take countless of hours. That’s not a good use of your time. You need to outsource them. Free yourself up! Here are some of the software/services I used personally to outsource my SEO tasks.

Article Marketing

If you submit all the articles to the major article directories, you will take at least 1 hour+ to finish the job. PLEASE use a software to do it. The one I am using is Automatic Article Submitter. It will fill up your Title, Keywords, Article and Author Bio automatically, so you don’t have to copy-paste one by one. 15 min and you are done. 🙂

Directories, Social Bookmarking, Blog Carnival

WL Marketing is a SEO submission service company. I found them by chance around 1 year ago and they are a great help to me! Most importantly, their service is very affordable and efficient. For example, a submission to 80 dofollow social bookmarking sites only cost $10. That’s really cheap to me. Try submitting  80 sites yourself. You will take a few hours. I rather pay $10, cos’ my time is worth more than that!

3-Way Links

3-Way Links is a link-building “network” where site A is link to B, B link to C and C link back to A again. So, it’s one-way links and not reciprocal. Once you key in your anchor text link, it will generate 250 links over a period of time. Great for medium to low competition keywords.

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