Physical Product Conversion Rate At 23.08%

I have been promoting a physical product from for a while and to my surprise, it is actually converting very well. From the screen shot below, you can see that it’s converting at 23.08% as of now. There are only 26 clicks to the affiliate product page so far in November, but there are 6 sales already. Even the  life-time conversion rate is still at  10.22%. It is still a VERY good figure.

Well, I am actually targeting the product name, so it’s very specific. It has very low searches per month and low competition. According to the Google keyword tool, it has only 170 exact [monthly search]. Initially, I was just testing it to see whether the product can convert. Heck, and the page wasn’t even ranked #1 on Google. So I was quite amazed how well it is selling, given the low searches and little clicks.

For those who are into digital products, you should know better –  the average conversion rate is only about 1-3%, i.e. out of 100 visitors, only 1 will buy the product.

This led me wanting to explore deeper into promoting physical products. True enough, physical product’s commission may not be high – average between 4%-15%. BUT it converts very well. There are thousands of products and people want to BUY them. They already know what they want. They are just looking for a little bit more information and they will whip out their credit cards. Need very little persuasion for them to take action.

Something for you to ponder, for me to explore further and promote more physical products.

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  1. Calvin
    Calvin says:

    Hey Alex, that’s a not bad conversion you got there. Have you ever thought to write a post about how and what you do to get such conversion rate?

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