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On a lazy Saturday morning, I was woken up by the intense knocking of my house door. I was thinking, “Who the hell is that?” Well, it was a postwoman and I had a parcel waiting for me! Upon seeing the bulky parcel, I knew it was from as I unknowingly qualified for their 100 articles in 100 days marathon challenge (#HAHD)

Why do I say I qualified “unknowingly“? Because, I didn’t really care much about the #HAHD challenge. I know there is such a thing, but I didn’t do it because of the prizes. In fact, I didn’t even I won until I received an email from them:

Congratulations on qualifying to have us ship you a
limited-edition EzineArticles #HAHD Mug!

[The grande white mug has the
EzineArticles color logo on
one side, and the #HAHD hash
tag on the other side.]

The “Hundred Articles in Hundred Days” #HAHD Challenge
was from March 20th 2009 till July 1st 2009.

Our records show you qualified!

My only motive for submitting articles is to GENERATE TRAFFIC and BACKLINKS, not for the mug (though I really appreciate the gifts!). So, in a way I am surprised that I hit the goal of 100 articles without me knowing. Oh well, I got more than a mug. I also got a pen, notepads, a packet of coffee powder, sticker and mousepad as well. Nice gifts from! Thanks!



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