Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus Book Review

My friend Alvin Chow, founder of personal finance blog BigFatPurse, has launched a new book recently: Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus

Alvin interviewed some of the top Singapore traders (8 to be exact) and shares his findings to you. Many of these traders are quite “famous” and prominent. Besides being just a trader, they also conduct seminars/workshops to the general public who wish to learn the art of trading. These 8 traders are:

  1. Keane Lee
  2. Yeo Keong Hee
  3. Binni Ong
  4. Nihcolas Tan
  5. Clarence Chee
  6. Tom Yuen
  7. Patrick Lee
  8. Dave Foo

They trade different asset classes such as forex, stocks, indices, options, futures etc.

I have read the book personally and what I like best about it is the interview format. This makes the book very easy to read and as if the trader is talking to you directly. The gems in this book is that the traders talked about their EXPERIENCE. For example, their best or worst trade, their psychology to approaching the market, whether they use mechanical or discretionary trading, the pitfalls, what they have done to achieve trading mastery etc.

I have yet to attend any of the traders’ workshop yet, so this book provides valuable insights and for me to know their style of  trading. All their wisdom gained from the markets all these years are contained in this book. Great job from Alvin for him to interview them and compile this book!

If you purchase the book, you will also get to access the interview videos as well. Personally, I think reading the book and watching the interview videos is kind of different. I tend to have a deeper understanding when I watched the videos. Well, just my experience.

You can buy the book and have it delivered to your house for FREE. Click here to order the book now.

secrets of singapore trading gurus

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