SEO: Directory Submission Is Dead – Oh Really?

If you browse some blogs or forums that talk about SEO, most likely you will hear people saying that directory submission is dead. They said links from directories are not effective anymore and don’t carry much “link juice”, thus no point in wasting time and money submitting your sites to web directories.

Although I believe that directories’ links don’t carry much link juice, I still submit them. Why? To me, every link counts and make your backlinks more diversified and more natural.

And here’s a case study from Hobo Search Marketing that proves that directory submission still works. Follow the link below:

Is This Proof Directory Submission Still Works?

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  1. Thomas Sinfield
    Thomas Sinfield says:

    Interesting! I haven’t used directory submission for ages because I had heard that they were pointless – but I might start adding it slightly to my link building.

    I like your point about making your backlinks diversified – it does make it seem a lot more natural.

  2. Directory Submission Blog
    Directory Submission Blog says:

    Thanks Alex,

    Thanks for the link.

    We have been telling people that directory submission still works. In fact, you should treat directory submissions as just a link building method.

    If your niche is competitive, you will need more than directory submissions to outrank your competitors. For smaller niches, directory submissions alone can take you to the top. 🙂

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