Shame on Pfizer

Pfizer was recently order to pay a record $2.3 billions penalty for illegal drug promotions.  Shame on this world largest pharmaceutical company!

“There’s so much money in selling pills, that there’s a tremendous temptation to cheat,” said Bill Vaughan, an analyst at Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports.

It’s finally time for people to know what’s behind the scene in the drug industry. I am really disgusted by their “sell at all costs” attitude without considering the health of the people. I understand that healthy profits are very important for a company but I strongly believe that it must be achieved ethically.  Moreover, they are in a industry where they are supposed to help people get healthy and well.

I am not sure if you came across such information: Some illness or diseases are not so deadly as they seem, and they can be treated using herbs or natural remedies that are cheap and widely accessible by people. The pharmaceutical companies know about these but are not willing to “disclose” it. Why? Simply because those herbs are not patented. They only want to manufacture “pills” as it can be patented and most importantly they can sell them for huge profits.

Disclaimer: I don’t know how true it is and I can’t verify it. I just happen to read about them. They are many of such “stories” online. Just do a google on “expose pharmaceutical companies“, “pharmaceutical scams” etc.

I am also in the health niche as well, where I have several content sites which people can gather some specific health information. But the important thing is, I market them ETHICALLY. I rarely promote any health supplements or pills. This is because I know there are many fake pills or scams online. I don’t want people to fall prey.

In fact, I know of a merchant who is quite well-known for selling health supplements online. But I don’t promote it, as I don’t really trust them and I don’t feel good promoting pills. Making money is fine, just don’t do it at the expense of others!

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