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I just met a middle-aged guy for coffee yesterday. Let’s just call him Uncle X. I got to know him around 2 years ago through internet marketing. I think he’s one of my opt-in subscribers last time!

Anyway, last week he started chatting with me through Google chat. So, he asked me how was I doing. So I  told him I was self-employed now, doing my internet marketing stuff full-time.

So, he began asking me what I am doing right now, what’s my income etc. Because, recently he’s interested into internet marketing (IM) again. Yesterday, we happened to chat and he asked whether I was free for a impromptu coffee session as he wanted to ask me some stuffs on IM. And the amazing thing is… he lives in Tampines. He drives all the way from his home to Bukit Batok to fetch me. Then we went to The Rail Mall for some coffee.

When I first knew Uncle X, he was just retrenched. Now, he’s working in a MNC company and in his spare time, running some small offline business. There are some IM issues that he are still confused. So, I just shared what I know to him. He wanted to launch his own product and is already in the process of setting up the website.

He told me that having a job is the NOT best route for him. Why? He has been retrenched once and now he’s already 42 years old. He knew that another retrenchment is possible, which he can’t afford to let it happen again, especially he has a kid now with a family to feed.

Contrary to what other believe, Uncle X feels that having a job is in fact UNSTABLE.

Anyway, I wish him all the best. With determination and perseverance, I am sure he will succeed in his IM.

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