Always In My Mind

My business is always in my mind. I eat, sleep, shit internet marketing. I dared to say that I dreamt about internet marketing as well!

I am always contantly thinking how I can improve my sites, how I can increase my traffic, how I can increase my income, what new projects to engage etc etc…

I don’t earn a salaried income now. Last time, I can slack and at the end of month, I can still get a nice comfortable income.  Now, it’s different. This business is MINE. I take full ownership. Whether it’s going to succeed or fail, I am the one who is solely responsible.

Now I can understand why bosses are so passionate about their business. I am following the footsteps as well. To a certain extent that I can say I neglect my girlfriend. Because I “work” at night and the timing my girlfriend called is also at night. Normally, I would just chat a bit and say I need to go do work again. Sometimes, I feel bad. 🙁

Sidetracking…. Well, it has been around 1 month since I quitted my job. Due to a highly disciplined exercise regime, I am now healthier, fitter and tanner.

Sometimes I think I am pretty crazy. I can swim 20 laps in the afternoon and run 4.2km at night.  It’s tiring but after the exercise, I feel really great. Slowly but surely, I am getting back in shape.