I Have Trouble Explaining…

I have trouble explaining what I do for a living. When people ask me what’s my job, that’s the beginning of my headache. The truth is most people don’t know what internet marketing is, let alone mentioning about affiliate marketing or niche marketing.

Normally, when I said “Internet Marketing”, people will continue to ask: “What do you sell online?” or “You design websites?” or “You run a blog shop?”

Well, with respect to the questions above:

  • I sell information.
  • No. I don’t design websites. I am an IT idiot (ok… not exactly idiot, but rather technically-challenged). I CAN’T do codings, HTML, Java etc.
  • No. I don’t run blog shop though I have tried selling on eBay previously. Selling physical products are just too troublesome and the margins are low.

So how should I explain to people what I do?

Nowadays, if people ask me about it, I will just say casually that I run my own internet business. 90% will probe further. So I will tell them I run several health websites (yes, my main niche at the moment), like a content publisher. That’s it.

Sometimes, I would love to say that I am a niche marketer. But I guarantee that 99.99% won’t know what it is and I have a lot of explainings to do after that. So I can’t be bothered.

So, call me an internet marketer, internet entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, niche marketer, infopreneur, content publisher, blogger. Whatever you like. I can accept them all! 😀