No Longer Just An Internet Marketing Blog

If you didn’t look at the blog header and judging from the posts I have written recently, you would have thought that this is a blog that talks about investing. I have written way too many posts about trading, investing, stock market etc. LOL.

The reason I have not written much about internet marketing stuffs these days is because I really feel I have nothing much to write about. It is still the same now as was 4 years ago. It’s still about finding a profitable market. Create a useful website that will provide value to visitors. Offer the product to the visitors (be it your own product or as an affiliate). Build links and generate traffic via SEO. Profit and make money. The concept HASN’T changed at all although techniques might be slightly different now, because things changed so fast online.

I guess I will have to change my blog theme soon. Maybe a redesign of my blog header. It’s not just about internet marketing anymore. I have moved on and venture into investing and trading too.

I am an internet marketer, trader and investor. : )

Always In My Mind

My business is always in my mind. I eat, sleep, shit internet marketing. I dared to say that I dreamt about internet marketing as well!

I am always contantly thinking how I can improve my sites, how I can increase my traffic, how I can increase my income, what new projects to engage etc etc…

I don’t earn a salaried income now. Last time, I can slack and at the end of month, I can still get a nice comfortable income.  Now, it’s different. This business is MINE. I take full ownership. Whether it’s going to succeed or fail, I am the one who is solely responsible.

Now I can understand why bosses are so passionate about their business. I am following the footsteps as well. To a certain extent that I can say I neglect my girlfriend. Because I “work” at night and the timing my girlfriend called is also at night. Normally, I would just chat a bit and say I need to go do work again. Sometimes, I feel bad. 🙁

Sidetracking…. Well, it has been around 1 month since I quitted my job. Due to a highly disciplined exercise regime, I am now healthier, fitter and tanner.

Sometimes I think I am pretty crazy. I can swim 20 laps in the afternoon and run 4.2km at night.  It’s tiring but after the exercise, I feel really great. Slowly but surely, I am getting back in shape.

I Have Trouble Explaining…

I have trouble explaining what I do for a living. When people ask me what’s my job, that’s the beginning of my headache. The truth is most people don’t know what internet marketing is, let alone mentioning about affiliate marketing or niche marketing.

Normally, when I said “Internet Marketing”, people will continue to ask: “What do you sell online?” or “You design websites?” or “You run a blog shop?”

Well, with respect to the questions above:

  • I sell information.
  • No. I don’t design websites. I am an IT idiot (ok… not exactly idiot, but rather technically-challenged). I CAN’T do codings, HTML, Java etc.
  • No. I don’t run blog shop though I have tried selling on eBay previously. Selling physical products are just too troublesome and the margins are low.

So how should I explain to people what I do?

Nowadays, if people ask me about it, I will just say casually that I run my own internet business. 90% will probe further. So I will tell them I run several health websites (yes, my main niche at the moment), like a content publisher. That’s it.

Sometimes, I would love to say that I am a niche marketer. But I guarantee that 99.99% won’t know what it is and I have a lot of explainings to do after that. So I can’t be bothered.

So, call me an internet marketer, internet entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, niche marketer, infopreneur, content publisher, blogger. Whatever you like. I can accept them all! 😀