Another Niche Site Is Up!

I have finished setting up a new niche site. Not exactly “new”, as I have registered the domain and done the site graphics quite some time ago. Somehow, I just left it idle.

Previously, I was busy doing some PPC campaigns. Wanted to test the profitablity of the niches before I dive into it. i don’t want to spend my whole lot of time building a site then realized that the niche or product doesn’t convert. I would have wasted all my precious time.

And yeah, I wasted USD$300+ on PPC. Gathered around 350+ clicks but NOT a single sale. Damn it. Either I ran my keywords wrongly or the product doesn’t convert. BUT, it’s ranked top 10 in ClickBank. It’s just like Fat Loss 4 Idiots, the gravity is damn high but it just doesn’t convert for me. In fact, quite a number of marketers also commented in the Warriors Forum that it doesn’t convert for them. Either we used the wrong approach or the product sucks.

Anyway, right now I will stick to my tried and tested products/merchant. Ordered 40 articles. 20 articles on blog and 20 on articles directories. I will update on the status of this new niche site again. 🙂