Keep the Faith

When I was still working as an employee back then, my manager bought several motivational posters and sticked them on the walls. Yeah, the recession has hitted my ex-company and sales were low. That’s why my manager bought the posters. However, one poster caught my eyes. Here it goes:

Keep the Faith

If you don’t see the stars twinkle at night, it doesn’t mean that they are not there. They’re just hidden behind the clouds and you will surely see them shine again.

Well, in life we are faced with a lot of difficulties and sometimes it seems that no one understand. We have to go through that difficult phase before we can see the stars again.

It’s just like when I was first starting out in internet marketing. I could not see the stars. I struggle for around 2 years and see no visible results. I just gritted my teeth and keep going. With such faith, I finally see the stars after the clouds are gone.

However, it doesn’t mean that I live a “happily ever after” life. The clouds will surely come again and hide the stars once more. In fact, I am going through it again. For one of my niches, there have been no sales for the past 4 days. Kind of depressing because it’s one of the biggest money-maker for me.

Keep the faith… do what is right,  keep going, persevere and the twinkles will come once more. 🙂