Herd Marketing – Are You Following the Craze?

2009 was the year for PPC (pay-per-click). Gurus were selling their PPC courses, affiliates are using PPC to promote offers, newbies are jumping into Google AdWords in herds of thousands.

This year, 2010, the next big thing is all about PPV (per-pay-view marketing). If you don’t know what PPV is, this site will be useful to you.

The craze has begun… Big-time marketers are selling their PPV courses, super affiliates are all mentioning about PPV.

As usual, there will be a sudden influx of marketers who will be trying to use PPV to make money online. And this is not good. In my opinion, the outcome will be the same like yester-year PPC craze. Profitable campaigns will become unprofitable.  Newbies will get burnt. Why? Because there were just too many people, all trying to use the same methods simultaneously.

It’s just like bubble tea or the donuts scenario in Singapore. Other people saw that selling donuts were profitable, so they copy and sold donuts as well. In the end, there are so many donuts stores springing up that people are sick of it and it became a fad.

Initially, I wanted to name my title as “Fad Marketing” but I realized that PPC is not a fad. PPC is here to stay. I can’t predict whether PPV is gonna to to be a fad or what, so I just coined the term “herd marketing” instead – that is following or applying a marketing method that everyone else is doing, such that it will lose its effectiveness.

If you are already into PPV long-time, milk the money while you still can. If you are a newbie, I suggest you don’t jump in now. You are too late and you will most likely to get burnt. Don’t follow what the masses are doing. It’s just like stocks – buy when people are selling and sell when people are buying. 🙂

Diversify, Provide Value and Follow the Big G’s Rules

Our good old friend, Google, is doing a massive clean-up. First, they banned affiliates’ Adwords account for infringing Google’s reputation by promoting scam products. Now, they slap those ads which are based on product reviews site, which contain affiliate links.

Of course, many affiliates will cry foul who are earning huge incomes from affiliate commissions. And mind you, these are same affiliates who are spending BIG money on PPC to feed Google’s revenue. So why is Google biting its own hand? Well, it’s dead simple. Just 2 words – User Experience

Actually, if you look at the big picture. It’s a good thing that Google did a clean-up.

Time to kick the ass off those bogus product reviews. Let’s face it. Those product reviews are not really “reviews”. Just some marketers trying to promote the highest commissions product. No real content. Just superficial “reviews’ plastered with affiliate links. Of course, I am a savvy Internet user and marketer. I will not fall for such tricks. BUT normal folks will fall into it, thinking it’s a genuine review.

What happens if the products that those folks purchased are scammy or bogus? NOT a good user experience for the consumers. They search through Google and they bought bogus products or scammy opportunities.

So, in my opinion, what Google did is right. I also do my research through Google, buy products online and search through Google again for legitimate product reviews. I want the information I gathered to be be relevant and true as well. Remember, we are USERS ourselves.

Having said that, I also pity those affiliates who just rely only on PPC  to make a living. Maybe from 5 figures to barely next to nothing. So, the important thing to learn from such incident is to diversify your income sources.

Don’t just rely on PPC to get traffic. Don’t just rely on 1-2 campaigns to make all your money. Don’t just rely on Google.

I know it’s hard not to rely on Google, as they are the Kingpins right now. But what you need to do is to diversify as much as you can.

Don’t “make money online”, instead build a business that can lasts. Such as building an authority site that provides good quality content, thus providing values for readers or consumers. It is all about providing value to people. And yes, please adhere to Google’s rules and regulation. No black hat and provide value-adding websites.  🙂

Another Niche Site Is Up!

I have finished setting up a new niche site. Not exactly “new”, as I have registered the domain and done the site graphics quite some time ago. Somehow, I just left it idle.

Previously, I was busy doing some PPC campaigns. Wanted to test the profitablity of the niches before I dive into it. i don’t want to spend my whole lot of time building a site then realized that the niche or product doesn’t convert. I would have wasted all my precious time.

And yeah, I wasted USD$300+ on PPC. Gathered around 350+ clicks but NOT a single sale. Damn it. Either I ran my keywords wrongly or the product doesn’t convert. BUT, it’s ranked top 10 in ClickBank. It’s just like Fat Loss 4 Idiots, the gravity is damn high but it just doesn’t convert for me. In fact, quite a number of marketers also commented in the Warriors Forum that it doesn’t convert for them. Either we used the wrong approach or the product sucks.

Anyway, right now I will stick to my tried and tested products/merchant. Ordered 40 articles. 20 articles on blog and 20 on articles directories. I will update on the status of this new niche site again. 🙂

Fusion between SEO and PPC

After many months of hardwork, a few of my sites are already becoming authority sites. These sites are getting bulk of the traffic from Search Engines. SEO (search engine optimization) cannot be done overnight, and the main reason why I am getting decent traffic from the search engines is because I have good quality content. In fact, my largest site have reached 100 posts (that’s 100 pages).

Well, what I am weak is PPC (pay-per-click marketing). Yeah, I know many of the super affiliates are driving traffic via PPC and making 5-figures per month. I WANT such income as well.

Downside? Steep learning curve and losing money initially.

What if I can leverage on my authority site and drive MORE traffic using PPC? Will it be widely successful? I don’t know.

I am re-learning my PPC at the mean time. And yes, I am prepared to lose money. Losing money to invest in my education as Amit Mehta had said it.

A lot of PPC affiliate marketers have thin landing pages (therefore no SEO traffic) while those who are damn good in SEO never ventured into PPC. How about a fusion between SEO and PPC? Will it explode my income exponentially?

I am gonna test out.